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Crystals Brought Me To You And Now I AM Sharing My Story And Them With You


The picture on the left is of me in June 2011, before everything started. The pictures at the bottom of the pageare of me during my Dis-Ease and journey to recovering my health in 2012. By the end of 2013 I regained my health and I am happy to present a photo of my "healthy and happy" self.

Life Before Crystals

Life as I knew it was all a woman could ask for or what I considered to be perfect. I was living in beautiful Miami Beach with my supportive and intelligent son, as I tended to my passion of helping women, mothers and their children. Proudly, I have watched my business grow into a great success. I was really healthy and happy but like many single mothers, love fell by the wayside as continued to focus on my business. But I was open to meeting my "Prince Charming".

From Charming, to Harming, to Crisis, to Crystals

Love arrived, I accepted and found myself in a relationship that my spirit was not accepting. Unfortunately, "charming" can be disguised and reap harmful on the mind, body and spirit. Blindfolded by love to discover that my dream did in fact turned into a nightmare. My charming prince became my harming prince (You Can Read More HERE). As it turned out I finally have to accept the brutal reality, that I had expend over a year and a half in a relationship with a Psychopath Narcissist. A very deceitful man and a pathological liar. I became depressed while dealing with the emotions of the relationship, which led to a loss of focus in my business and life goals. To put it plainly, I felt lost. The emotional and mental devastation coincided with the discovery of a terrible feeling in my right breast. I had a lump that caused me continuous and constant pain. I could not escape the physical sensations I was feeling, that an awful mass was spreading inside my right breast. The feeling was painful to the touch, very uncomfortable during sleeping hours, and unbearable to deal with most of the time. Needless to say, I was alarmed on many different levels.

As a wellness consultant with almost 2 decades of experience, sickness was never present or a part of my lifestyle. I could not remember being sick within the past 20 years of my life. I attribute my great health to eating organic foods, and sticking to a vegetarian based diet, while following a holistic life style. So finding this uncomfortable feeling in my breast was confusing, I asked "how could this be happening to me?"

Reaching Out for Help

The day had arrived where I knew I needed to seek a professional opinion about the symptoms I was experiencing. Thankfully, my friend and health professional colleague, Dr. R. Mitchell, was able to assist me with how to follow up. he instructed me to visit the hospital for a sonogram. The news was not what I wanted to hear. My assumptions were true; I had the C word. My symptoms were typical of the early signs of breast cancer.

Thankfully, Dr. Mitchell is a cancer specialist with over 25 years of service, so his information became invaluable to my healing process. At the time, I was reliant on the support of my family and friends and found out the hard way that my "boyfriend" was not in the arena with the rest of my support group. This realization was devastating, making healing and recovery a larger challenge.

The challenge materialized in my physical appearance, by causing fatigue and emotional exhaustion. Close friends did not recognize me because my weight had dropped almost 20lbs in 2 months. Then the rashes appeared. Strange unidentified things expelled from my body. All of these things left me with zero energy. I had never felt so imbalanced in my life. It didn't matter how much I ate, my health was still in dis-ease. I soon realized that I could not allow my son to continue worrying about his mother's health. I had to do something.

Crystals Make the World Go Around

My experience as a wellness consultant led me to the realization that I too, needed to be well. One day I went to see a counselor who had an outstanding countenance and exceptional aura. I couldn't help but notice that crystals adorned her home and radiated an energy that I was immediately drawn to. the connection I felt was beyond incredible. I can claim that my energy shifted from that day forward.

I became curious as to why I had responded this way to the crystals. In my research, I found that crystals, minerals and stones hold healing powers. I would recommend that everyone take the time to read about the essencesof crystals. In addition to my reading, I connected with like-minded people, Reiki masters and crystal healers that are willing to teach and share their knowledge of crystals with me.

Crystals are not only beautiful to look at but they hold healing powers, metaphysical properties and significant qualities that can be true to each individual. I found a passion in discovering the amazing qualities of crystals and what they can do for encouraging healing within. Crystals are a part of my daily life. They are present in my most peaceful moments of meditation, my solemn moments of tears and also those joyful moments of laughter. My relationship with crystals has started a chain reaction of healing events in my life.

I now have the courage to love myself as well as the willingness to accept only healthy relationships because of my relationship with crystals. There are revelations that will occur when working with crystals. There will be clarity about past decisions, affirmations on current decisions and guidance in future decisions. I have found a level of authenticity in my life where only optimal health and fulfilling relationship can exist.

My health is back. Little by little my symptoms have subsided. My sanity is in tack. I am making sound business and relationships decisions. Business is booming and he is gone! Emotionally and physically, I am me again. I am no longer depressed and have regained my weight. And I know that I would not have been able to do all of this without my beloved Crystals. ;-)

Crystals and You

One day, during meditation with crystals, it was revealed that I should continue helping other women by sharing the powers of crystals. if you are a woman living with imbalance do not underestimate the incredible living vibrations of crystals. Challenges are what make women strong.

I recall a significant personal struggle in my life (My Childbirth Story) and as a result I was unable to breastfeed my son for the first two weeks, so I became a professional in the childbirth field as a Certified Lactation Consultant, A Childbirth Educator & and Certified Doula, working for many years helping mothers & their partners during their childbirth and beyond. I also created an herbal formula that assisted me with breastfeeding. As a result, I was able to breastfeed my son for almost 3 years. For over 20 years, my herbal formula was sold worldwide having a large network of distributors (Update: business closed in 2020 as a result of the pandemic). My company continues to help thousands of women all over the world. After, corresponding with other mothers in the "how-to" of transitioning from breastfeeding to solid food, I was inspired to write a book on the subject.

In my life, I notice that I am diligent in finding alternative solutions to the problems women face in their lives. Since creating my company, WiseWomen~SacredWomen, Inc. in 2005, I have dedicated my life to helping others based on my personal experiences. My company offers wellness consulting services and holistic products for women, mothers and their children; and conscious minded people in general.

So when my crystal meditation revealed that I must share my experience with other women, it was clear that I had stumbled upon something that was truly my duty. That's how Crystal healing for Women began. I wish that many women continue experiencing the magical healing benefits of crystals.

Today when people ask me "How will you describe crystals in a simple way?"

" Crystals Bring You back Home"


Through my health crisis, I started to experience strange "rashes" that appeared on my arm, and shoulder. My doctor didn't know what it was; the dermatologist didn't know what it was. It will come and go all the time, and every time I felt any kind of stress, it will once again appear. Noted the white liquid on my arm, that is Germ-A Clenz that I applied on the rash in my arm, and at times it was really helpful. My breast also felt the effects of my Dis-ease and at some point it got really bad. The internal discomfort and feeling of something spreading inside at times, was unbearable. Fortunately as of right now 6/9/15 my breast is back to normal.

And this picture below, is the most recent one from May 2013 taken at the beach with my beautiful son. I got my smile, my health is on the way to full recovery, my mental peace and my life back! And all this was possible with the help of the Crystals, my divine friends.
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