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The Crystals Of Atlantis

The crystals on AtlantisSpecific knowledge about crystal healing originates from the times of the legendary continent Atlantis. Atlantis is today considered by many people only a myth, but indeed in the exoteric and esoteric documents of the races that followed this legendary civilization there can be found indications and valuable information of its glorious [...]

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My Crystals Enjoying Hawaii With me

My crystals are enjoying and experiencing the Aloha Love of Hawaii, just as much as I AM!  I captured their beauty yesterday, while we where at the black sand beach. Crystals, purple flowers, the ocean, Mother Earth, in all it's magnificence. It can't get better than that! A moment of JOY!

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Green Sand Beach Hawaii Olivine Crystals

When we are in tune with the vibration of out Mother Earth, her healing gifts and love to us, can be intensely felt. Today I was beyond mesmerized by the Green Sand Beach we where at. Such a magical place!! The images don't make justice to its vibrant deep green color. I couldn't just look [...]

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Hawaii Olivine Crystals and Lava Rocks

The energy here in #Hawaii is simply incredible. Today I noticed all this amazing black lava rocks having this fantastic bright green crystals in them. They look like green #peridot. It turns out it is Olivine crystals, and the entire island is filled with them, no matter where you go! No matter you can feel the Aloha [...]

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Dioptase Incredibly Beautiful Fascinating Crystal

I have been working  with Dioptase for a long time now. An incredibly beautiful crystal that have me mesmerized just by looking at it. I have been doing some study, and wanted to try the healing properties and wonders of this very rare crystal, as you know I only like to talk and share information [...]

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Introduction: The golden yellow colors of this crystal emit positive vibrations that will lift your spirit and allow you to see the joy in life. Citrine is an excellent aid to study as it helps the mind to stay focused and alert, used also for memory and data recall. This crystal promotes personal power, self-confidence, [...]

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