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Best Crystals For Childbirth and Delivery

One thing many people don't know about me, is that for many years I worked as a professional in the childbirth field. I'm a Certified Doula, Certified Hypnochildbirth Educator, and a Certified Lactation Consultant. For many years I helped women bringing their babies into this world, focusing mainly in natural childbirth and home births. One [...]

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Malachite Precaution and Dangers Everyone Should Know

Today I want to address something and offer some words of advice. I see this picture going around on the internet via social media (FB and IG) and people be like... OMG I want this, I want this!!! Malachite is amazing, not only for it's beauty but for it's metaphysical properties. HOWEVER, Malachite releases toxic fumes when [...]

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Certified Crystal Healer "certifications" courses, programs, schools, and "crystal healers" what you need to know!

Today I want to talk to you about the "Crystal healer certifications" some won't like this post. I don't care, I'm writing it with the best of intentions to make YOU aware of things.Holistic medicine is a wonderful thing! Yet an explosion of "holistic businesses" has grown tremendously for the past few years. Same thing [...]

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The amazing healing properties of Amber

Amber is not strictly a gemstone, but fossilized tree resin. Amber is as old as time itself, dating back millions of years. And yet, it is still believed in today and used for its magnificent healing powers.For many centuries since time began, people have used nature’s bounty for Traditional Medicine. What is sometimes referred to [...]

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The best crystals and stones for protection you can use

I get many times asked what are my favorite protective crystals and stones, and which ones I recommend. So here it goes my all time favorite, among many more;-)BLACK TOURMALINE: Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds... as well as being a strong spiritual grounding stone. This is [...]

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Learn About The Amazing Properties Of Clear Quartz Crystals

 Clear quartz has been used since ancient times, as it was believed to be a source of power and energy. While they believed this on an intuitive level, modern measuring equipment has proved this to be correct. Clear Quartz Crystal are strong amplifiers of energy, and are often used in healing rooms by alchemical healing [...]

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White Ceremonial Sage For Cleansing

Thanks to a remarkable study published by The Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2007 we know now smudging may be one of the most powerful antiseptic technology. They observed within one hour of smudging caused 94% reduction of bacterial counts within the air. Not only does sage clear emotional and spiritual negativity but it reduces bacteria [...]

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Crystals and Stones to feel more energize, increase your confidence, and give you that *push* we all need sometimes.

 There are many crystals and stones that can help you move forward in life, feel more energize, increase your confidence, and give you that *push* we all need sometimes. Below you will find three of my faves to accomplish this and here is why.CITRINE: This is the sunshine stone it carries the energy of the [...]

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Himalayan Salt Lamps For Beautiful Decor and Their Health Benefits!

Himalayan salt lamps, not only for decor and beauty but for their health benefits! Known as “Vitamins of The Air”, the Salt Crystal lamp is Nature’s best Ioniser which provides multiple health benefits including enhancing immunity, improving sleep and relieving migraines. These lamps are highly beneficial to your health and well being. The salt crystal lamps [...]

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In this picture, you will find at the center in orange/yellow color is treated citrine, all others surrounding are Natural Citrine. Natural citrine is very rare and is more of a yellow honey light to dark brown colors, than yellow- golden orange colors. See my image from some of my own citrine. The citrine on the outside is all [...]

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