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Best Way To Cleanse Crystals

Posted by Ana satya on

As I have shared with you on previous posts and an article I wrote on the website some time ago, the BEST way to cleanse crystals. Here I will share not only that but my favorite methods as well, aside from using selenite.


To cleanse your crystals with selenite? Just place your crystals over selenite, it's really that simple.


Full moon bath is another A MUST to do, place your fav crystals under the full moon, if you cannot take your crystals outside, place them close to a window.


Another favorite of mine, is ocean water. Cleansing, purifying, yemaya energy, and they love it!

Then of course smudge them with sage and palosanto.

One thing about me?  I have never been a fan of placing crystals on regular water with salt. Regular water is full of chemicals and fluoride, and is a hard water. Salt can be harsh for many crystals as well. Unless you use himalayan pink salt, and purified water.  But I personally prefer using other methods, as described above.


If a crystal has absorbed a lot of negative energy, I give them a pachamama cleansing ceremony. Which consist in bury them. I place them in the soil next to a tree and let them there for hours to days.


While smudging your crystals, play medicine music and sing to them. I do that all the time. Maybe that's why they and my plants are so happy and with such an amazing energy!


In my website you can find selenite logs to create a bed to place your crystals. You can find a complete crystal cleansing kit as well, containing selenite logs, palo santo and white ceremonial sage. 

Hope you enjoy this post and may be of help to you.

In Light, Love and Crystal Healing

Ana satya

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