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Medicinal Plants, Healing Foods, Mother Earth Provide Us With Everything We Need Because Nature Heals

Posted by Ana Satya on

This Saturday I went into Sacred Ceremony. Sunday I spend the entire day sleeping, I was completely exhausted. This morning I woke up feeling renewed. Prepared my breakfast with the utmost love and gratitude for the healing foods Mother Earth provides us with. I let them charge with my crystals while taking a shower.

Under the warm water I was thinking how incredibly wise nature is, how it has created for us not only healing foods, but powerful sacred medicinal plants.
No matter how health conscious, positive and optimistic of a person you can be, there are always negative entities and energies attacking us. In shamanism these entities are called "bichos" also known as energy vampires or for better understanding think about blood sucking energy leeches.

They feed out of our negative thoughts and emotions, they have the ability to influence us in a subtle level to think and feel more of the same, to continue providing them with the "food" they need to survive. We become the host they live off.

The medicine created by human kind can't do anything to help, because they only focus on the physical body without understanding about Spirit.

Sacred ancestral medicinal plants can heal not only a physical illness, but heal at a mental, emotional and spiritual level as well. They can help you purge the bichos out of you, and help you see and understand things, otherwise you could not.

Today I feel renewed and grateful. In awe of the healing wisdom that exist within nature.

In this 4th of July weekend, I want to share some words of wisdom coming from her. If you want to be free, use my medicine. Consume healing foods, use sacred medicinal plants, and stay away from anything or anyone (that includes TV, News, social media) that feeds you constant negativity. Go out in Nature and surround yourself with uplifting, likeminded souls. It can truly make a difference in one's life. Above all, love yourself and continue working in becoming the best version of yourself. Shine your light bright and help others to do the same.

Love, Light and Healing.

Ana Satya

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