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Certified Crystal Healer "certifications" courses, programs, schools, and "crystal healers" what you need to know!

Posted by Ana Satya on

Today I want to talk to you about the "Crystal healer certifications" some won't like this post. I don't care, I'm writing it with the best of intentions to make YOU aware of things.

Holistic medicine is a wonderful thing! Yet an explosion of "holistic businesses" has grown tremendously for the past few years. Same thing with crystals! The "Crystal business" has grown tremendously. Now you have 20 years old kids selling crystals with all these "certifications" calling themselves "Crystal healers." You also follow many accounts (such as mine) that sell and talk about crystals and you think we may be an authority in the field. And many of us are, or at least we have put the work and learn quite a bit about the mineral kingdom, do our research and work for MANY years with crystals, even before starting to sell them or make a business out of it.

First of all, I would like to say that there is absolutely nothing that I know myself, that you cannot learn on your own and know too! And there is no need for "certifications." NOW! Having said this, I want to tell you my experience when searching on this subject.

1- doing a little reach I found a website/school online that asked me just to sign up with my email, to access the "Crystal healing course program" I received two emails. One the course, and another with my "Crystal healer certification" and so without even having taking a peak at the "course" yet, I got a pretty looking "certification" like for real!!! Come on!! That is just bullshit. Period!

2- I went to a much better well known school or website and their course, was much more detailed and extensive. Ok fine, this looks better. HOWEVER! they make it sound super "professional" by saying the are a "member" and their course is "accredited" by the prestigious "holistic practitioners association" or a member of (so and so)....

What I want you to know is that when you do a bit of research, you realize that ALL THOSE "professional associations" are a bunch of bullshit too!

Now, what do I mean by this? Well, that particular "holistic practitioners association" that is so well known!! Is just a website someone like you or me can create. And we register it under the catchy name "the national holistic healing

association of America" (as an example) THEN! to become a member you just have to charge people (other websites) to pay $35 a year! And they add "your" business, website and course or program, on their website! AND now, you can add in your own website or course that you created, the nice catchy title of….We are an accredited course by the National Holistic Healing Association Of America" BOOM!

And you think WOW, this is a legit school and so is their course/program! I mean they are accredited by the national association of holistic healing of America!! I found so many shady websites, schools, associations and programs, over populating the Internet, it blew my mind! This is the perfect example of "let's milk this cow!" And get the most out of this "Crystal business" and to me? This is unethical and bullshit!

NOW! Does this means there are no real schools or programs where you can study about crystals and healing with them, or even get a certification?

Of course they are!!! But one must be very cautious and do a serious research before paying for anything! And most important do not be fooled by "fancy and professional" looking names or websites. Hence taking into consideration, what I mentioned about these "professional sounding associations" that are NOT legit!

So please make sure you do your own research!! Find a legit school IF you wish to become a "certified Crystal healer" but know that in order to learn about crystals and Crystal healing, and work with them? I personally don't think one "needs" to have a fancy looking certification.

NOW! Does this means I'm against "professional certifications?" And the answer is absolutely not!!! I personally am certified in many other fields. Such as a certified lactation consultant, a certified doula and a certified childbirth educator" from LEGIT and very well known real organizations. This allowed me to learn a great deal, get the training I needed, to be able to attend childbirths and help women, as a professional in the childbirth field and beyond.

But when it comes to crystals, and Crystal healing? There are many opportunistic people who are doing this solely for financial gains, and are quite shady to be honest with you.

Most people who knows A LOT about crystals and healing with them, do not have these fancy certifications. They just have done tons of research and published books, where they teach and educate others about this subject.

I personally have worked and used crystals for many years to heal myself. Then I got the message on a meditation to teach others about crystals and healing with crystals and that is how I started creating Crystal healing kits and selling crystals. I do not consider myself a "Crystal healer" neither I care a bit about having a fancy good looking paper that said I'm a "certified Crystal healer." I actually believe we ALL have the ability to heal ourselves! We just need to learn how to use all the tools Mother Earth provide us with in order to do so. This applies to crystals, herbs, foods, energy medicine, alternative healing methods such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, nutrition, chiropractic, ayahuasca, homeopathy, medicinal plants, and the list can go on an on. It is a COMBINATION of things and healing methods that can help us restore our health and being.

But when it comes to crystals and healing with them? You can meet someone who have worked all their life with crystals and have a vast knowledge of them, such as "Melody" and you can find people who are clueless, yet have a fancy "certification" hanging In a pretty frame, that took them a minute to get, just by entering an email (as I did in my search) or by taking a one week course online, that grant them the title of "certified Crystal healer." This of course sounds pretty cool, and makes you look "as an authority" in this field.

I LOVE crystals, working with them and educating people about them. I consider myself a bridge between crystals and people. I'm their keeper until they find you and you become their keeper.

I wrote this article and speak my mind about this subject, because I wanted to share this info with you. I was appalled when in my research I found out I could get a "professional certification" just by giving my email. Or finding out about "professional associations" that turned to be just a website with a catchy name an awesome "marketing" skills and techniques. But which at the end of the day I consider them to be bull shit.

And I wanted to share with you my findings and speak my mind about it.

Hope this post help you in any way, and that you find it interesting. Be wise, be aware, but be cautious as well.

In love and light always

Ana satya

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