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Why I love the Goddess and to incorporate her energy, into my work with crystals

Posted by Ana Satya on

Tonight I want to share with you why I love the Goddess and to incorporate her energy, into my work with crystals.

I was born in a very patriarchal and religious country, Spain. Into a family of six, three sisters one brother and my parents. I was the youngest of all my siblings and the most rebellious one. I remember as a girl, that my job was to clean the house, and after my brother. We had to clean his room, wash his clothes and iron them, while his balls were sitting in the sofa watching tv. I will angrily ask my father why is that? and why he couldn't do it himself. His response always was "with 4 women in the house why he as a man, will do anything." It truly pissed me off. I just couldn't. There was an unstoppable rebellious energy erupting from within me, opposing to that status. I got grounded many times for ironing his clothes wrong (intentionally) so I wouldn't have to do it. My other sisters did that job for me. 

Growing up pretty much from your own household to society, you are been "inculcated" to believe that your role as a woman is basically to serve men.

There was a lot of abuse, silence and hidden truths, for me growing up.

I remember one day many years later my oldest sister who had moved to America, gave me a book called "La Diosa" that was my introduction and the very first time that the goddess came into my life. The second book I read (a trilogy) that really impacted me was "las nieblas de Avalon" gosh I loved Morgana! 

I never felt empowered growing up. But learning about the goddess, taught me about myself. Helped me to remember who I really AM and to love myself.

You see? HIStory doesn't teach us this things. Actually they said we tricked a man into eating an apple, God kicked his ass out of the garden of Eden and women are to blame for men's sins.  HIStory also say that they burned us alive, because we were witches! HIStory doesn't tell the truth about us women, much less makes us feel empowered.

The Goddess on the contrary does. That's why I love her and bring her energy and presence into my life, and work. 

Love and Light Always


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