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Undeniable Video Test Shows How Shungite Blocks EMF and Protects You!

Posted by Ana Satya on

I have show you how to use Elite Noble Shungite to make water. Now I'm shoing you how to use the Type II shungite for healing and protection.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Guys this video is not fully accurate and after some people made me aware of it, I decided to do a NEW follow up video to correct the mistake I made on this one. So please check out that second video on my channel or go directly to this link.

You can also find the updated video on the next blog post after this one.

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Learn The Difference between Shungite AND Elite Noble Shungite

I have extensively written about Shungite, this incredible healing Mineral from Russia. I have also done many tests and write how to use it, and how to make water with it. You can find that information HERE!But many people ask me if there is a difference between Shungite and Elite Noble Shungite and the answer is [...]

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