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Flower Crystals Healing Energy Because Nature Knows Best

Posted by Ana Satya on

I love flowers, they remind me of my favorite season of the year, spring. I live in a place where we have tropical weather year round and also all kinds of beautiful flowers. So in my world I can live in a spring state of mind, all year long. But to me spring is so much more than just the arrival of good weather, and that is why I love it so much.

Colorful flowers reminds us of good weather and sunny days. Their presence makes us appreciate the beauty of this world. When you look at a beautiful flower, you think of good beautiful and positive things. Your energy changes when you’re surrounded by flowers, it becomes lighter and brighter.

Flowers brings joy, beauty, happiness and healing. Beautiful colorful healing energy my friends.

Flowers are a mirror to the human soul as well. To remind us how incredibly different and unique each one of them is. That’s the real beauty right there. There is no competence or jealousy between them. They just grow and live radiating their beauty and shining, without worrying about what the other flowers thinks of her.

Nature is always teaching us, providing the best models and samples. Yet we humans fail to see that.

We need more flower people in this world.

Much Love Always
Ana Satya

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