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The Strengh Of A Woman Growing & Healing When You Are In Pain

Posted by Ana Satya on

How can you be a champion for women and a role model of positivity and motivation when sometimes you, yourself feel so much pain inside and sadness?

How can you support and help others when there are times when you, yourself feel so broken inside.

I used to think that to be a role model or to motivate others, someone must have overcome absolutely everything in their lives & have their shit together in every single way, but I no longer feel that way.

They say that times heals everything but that is not true. With time you learn how to live with things and you have managed to keep forward in life without allowing the hurt you feel within yourself to affect your present live. But sometimes wounds that never fully healed, opens up and you start bleeding again.

How can you help & motivate other women when you, yourself are in pain? And the answers to that, everyday is more clear to me.

I think some of the greatest motivational speaker out there are those who knows the most pain because it helps you develop two mayor qualities within yourself compassion & empathy & because you can understand the pain suffering & the hurt others feels. And your own pain is now a powerful force within your heart wanting to love, help & support others. Why? Because you know how it feels & with the years you have also developed tools and techniques that can now help others.

It’s ok to feel down at times, to feel pain, even broken inside. It’s important to allow yourself to #feel any emotions that wants to come to the surface & release them. But it’s even more important to understand that we also have the power to rise up from that place of pain into one of unconditional love for yourself. It’s from this place of self awareness that profound growth, strength & healing truly manifest.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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