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When You’re in Pain LOVE Yourself The Secret Key To Healing

Posted by Ana Satya on

I want to be known for being real not popular and this is the reason why I created this video. I’m far from perfect or having my shit together at times but I’m honest and real and I prefer you see the real me than pretend or create an image far away from the reality. Social media is full of that already and to me that’s BS and a pretense.

So I truly created this video with the intention to in some small way help others who may be feeling down, depress or experiencing pain and sadness within their hearts.

I do appreciate realness than pretense and I hope you can appreciate that too.

The message I’m trying to convey with this video is the importance to understand that the only way to heal your pain is to truly learn how to love yourself. In your good days and in your worst as well.

Love yourself and never stop doing the things that makes you feel free. Because that’s how true healing really begins.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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