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  • blue kyanite blades, blue kyanite large, blue kyanite long
  • blue kyanite blades, blue kyanite large, blue kyanite long
  • blue kyanite blades, blue kyanite large, blue kyanite long
  • blue kyanite blades, blue kyanite large, blue kyanite long

Blue Kyanite Blades

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Product Description


Amazing top quality Blue Kyanite blades, measuring each between 1.5 to 3 inches long and 1 to 2.5 inches long.

IMAGES: Images shows a sample of many Blue Kyanite blades and me holding some on my hand for better display of the size.

Price is $3 for one (1) Blue Kyanite blade.

Please note most Kyanite on the market is sold per weight, yes you get more quantity but very small pieces that's why is sold by weight. I'm selling this Blue Kyanite blades per piece because the sizes are really nice and big, unlike the ones sold per weight. This is an important distinction to mention.

 Please check metaphysical tab to learn more about Kyanite.

Metaphysical Properties

BLUE KYANITE: Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation and attunement. It will not retain negative vibrations or energy, therefore never requiring clearing. Kyanite aligns all chakras and subtle bodies instantly. It provides balance of yin-yang energy and dispels blockages, moving energy gently through the physical body. Kyanite has a calming effect on the whole being, bringing tranquility. It encourages psychic abilities and communication on all levels. It drives away anger, frustration, confusion and stress and helps to provide a capacity for linear and logical thought. Kyanite provides a stimulating energy, encouraging perseverance in and support of activities and situations which would normally reduce one’s strength. It can help when connecting to your spirit guides. Kyanite induces dream recall and can promote healing dreams.

Blue Kyanite is a strong crystal energy stone and will work very well if used with other high vibration stones. Although cleansing crystals is necessary for most stones.... Kyanite will never need cleansing as it does not build up negative vibrations. It is a stone that is highly recommended to be in everyone's collection as it will aid you to clear and align your chakras while doing spiritual work. Mentally it is a clarifying influence from confusion, negativity, fears and blocks.

Product Reviews

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 22nd 2020

    Ana, you picked out the perfect piece for me.
    Thank you!

  2. Perfect Water ! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 4th 2020

    Great quality and perfect pieces for water charger.kickin off positive energy while super charging water 2.5 gal glass jug.

  3. Big Blue! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 23rd 2020

    totally satisfied with kyanite thus far and working to incorporate these crystals into the charging plate to keep a positive flow going. utility type crystal use.

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