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Botryoidal Goethite Blobs Crystal Specimens Super Rare

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Product Description


Dear customers, I'm so happy to be able to bring these super rare and unique crystal finds to you. These incredible Botryoidal Goethite Crystal specimens comes from Morocco. I was able to get from the Tucson shopw this year a large flat, as you can see in the image of the flat I added. Once these are gone I won't have any more, these are very rare to come by or to find. 

This is one of those crystals that falls in my list of "not very pretty crystals yet super powerful" just like when I brought to you the Witch Fingers crystals (now all sold out) not the most pretty crystal, yet quite powerful and unique with amazing metaphysical properties.

Goethite comes in all sorts of forms, including some very boring ones - but while this may not be the paragon of beauty in the mind of some collectors, these Botryoidal Goethites are certainly anything but boring. This is a rich piling up of silky black botryoidal forms, pretty much solid Goethite, some of them have visible Quartz attached to the matrix as well.

Since I only got one flat, I'm not listing them individually but just decided to price them all the same at $45 a piece which is an incredible price compared to the online prices out there. Some people price them very high because they not easy to find. I'm happy to offer this to you at an affordable price so you can own a piece of these incredible Goethite cluster specimens.

SIZE: The sizes varies I took some pictures holding a few to give you a better idea. if you have preference for a larger one or smaller just add a note to the comments section when placing your order, or just contact me. Always a pleasure to be of help.



Click on metaphysical tab to learn more about Goethite.

Metaphysical Properties

The botryoidal crystal is interesting both for its unique shape, and the fact that it is commonly adopted by a number of quite different minerals. The word is derived from the Greek word botrus, meaning "bunch of grapes", and refers to tiny crystals occurring in closely interlocking spherical masses or "bubbles" which often look like bunches of grapes. Botryoidal crystal formations can be quite striking and are popular with mineral collectors.

This stone (Goethite) is named after renowned naturalist, philosopher, mathematician, and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Goethite stimulates the mind to move into the stage of recognition, the need to face and sort through, and let go of any shadows of the self that are held within but locked away. Goethite helps in conquering the “shadow self” never to be heard or seen again. It also helps to see the “shadow self” in a positive light. It then leads into the stages of integrating and letting go to ascend into higher states of consciousness.

Goethite stimulates psychic and metaphysical pursuits and aids concentration. Goethite raises consciousness and vibration, enabling clairaudient communication and linking into the angelic realm. Goethite can be used as a divination tool in meditation.

Goethite are excellent stones to use to help you if you have lost a loved one as they have a strong vibration that aids you to heal grief and will help you to open yourself up to love and compassion.

Goethite is a very grounding crystal. Goethite is a protective crystal that actually gives you a sense of power. It makes you feel secure, daring, and physically powerful. It will deepen your connection to the physical, natural world. It helps relieve you of fears specifically associated with your physical existence here on Earth. This is a crystal to have near you when you need protection and mental fortitude. Use this crystal when you need to feel safe and secure.

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