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  • cacoxenite bracelet, super seven bracelet, melody stone bracelet, purple phantom bracelet, auralite 23 bracelet
  • cacoxenite bracelet, super seven bracelet, melody stone bracelet, purple phantom bracelet, auralite 23 bracelet
  • cacoxenite bracelet, super seven bracelet, melody stone bracelet, purple phantom bracelet, auralite 23 bracelet
  • cacoxenite bracelet, super seven bracelet, melody stone bracelet, purple phantom bracelet, auralite 23 bracelet
  • cacoxenite bracelet, super seven bracelet, melody stone bracelet, purple phantom bracelet, auralite 23 bracelet

Cacoxenite Super Seven Crystal Of Ascension Bracelet

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Product Description


SUPER POWERFUL CRYSTAL ULTRA RARE IN JEWELRY (If "authentic" beware of imitations and fakes)

SIZE: Made using elastic cord one size fits most, the beads are 12-13mm. 

IMPORTANT: The powerful crystal that these bracelets are made of, is knows as the "Super Seven" or "Melody Stone"  but since those names are trademarked, we will call it Amethyst Cacoxenite. Which is a combination of seven different mineral specimens: amethyst, quartz, rutile, smokey quartz, goethite, lepidocrocite, cacoxenite, and sometimes hematite. 

UPDATE AS OF 11/20/19: Please note these new bracelets have larger beads, than the previous ones. These bracelets are made using 12-13mm beads, the previous bracelets were 8mm beads.



Known as a Stone of Ascension, Cacoxenite is believed to raise the spiritual awareness of the human race and to provide a loving and ethereal connection between all of the universe. It encourages a conscious awareness of the significance in random events to guide us on the right path, and in sensing the essence of the Creator in the beauty of nature and the kindness of people. Cacoxenite is an ascension stone, heightening spiritual awareness through meditation and dream work, and even unconsciously by simply wearing or carrying a crystal bearing this mineral. Its energy is welcoming, relaying the message that everyone carries a Divine spark and may connect with the Creator, as well as one’s guides, guardian spirits and other higher beings, at any time to receive healing and guidance.

Cacoxentie within Amethyst is particularly regenerative, not only for reprogramming the body’s cells to continually renew themselves, but also for revitalizing the mind. The inclusion of Cacoxenite initiates a higher level of creativity, clearing the Third Eye and Crown Chakras of conventional thought and limitations, and bringing new, “never before thought of” ideas and innovations to humanity. 

Cacoxenite is a major mineral in the Super Seven crystal, also known as Melody Stone or Sacred Seven. Cacoxenite, together with Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz with Rutile, Goethite, and Lepidocrocite combine their energies together in one powerful stone, said to be shifting the vibratory level of the planet and everything on it. It activates all of the chakras and subtle bodies, as well as other crystals near it, and provides immense guidance and support for spiritual gifts and metaphysical works of all kinds. It instills peace and a sense of communal safety and interconnection.


Cacoxenite is one of those rare ingredients that make something good even better. It manifests as beautiful inclusions within a host crystal, usually Amethyst or Quartz, and forms as radiated tufts or strands of yellow, gold or earthy brown. Its presence expands the properties already emanating from the host stone, and adds its own remarkable dimension of spiritual evolution and connection.

Cacoxenite is a popular and highly regarded “stone of ascension” used during countless planetary alignments and world meditations, and to heighten the effect of full or new moon rituals. Its high vibrational properties increase spiritual awareness on all levels and transfers healing energy to the Earth. 

Cacoxenite is a mineral for bringing good to one’s life. It encourages one to see the positive, beneficial and constructive forces in all events and situations, and to use discretion based on wisdom and discernment. Cacoxenite promotes the expansion of the Crown and Third Eye Chakras for connecting the physical with the spiritual realms. Its vibration also helps align the Third Chakra, the will center, with Divine Will in order to cleanse the energy systems of any negative attachments keeping one from moving forward.


Product Reviews

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  1. Quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 18th 2020

    I love this bracelet and am impressed with both the quality of the stones and the construction. It was well-packaged and arrived, as expected. Quickly becoming a fan of this vendor!

  2. Impressed! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 20th 2019

    Ordered several bracelets (Smokey Quartz, Fire Agate, Red Garnet, Shungite, and Cacoxenite Super Seven Crystal Of Ascension) and a Black Tourmaline on a Quartz Matrix piece. Everything was received in great shape and time. Bought these for practical/health purposes, but from a man's perspective they're 'nice looking' stones/crystals, and give off a subtle but great 'energy'. Everything came packaged in a nice bag and box. Even had flower petals inside. Not sure if this is common practice, but even as a dude I was impressed. I states the seller places extra thought and care into their products and customers. Just call me 'Mikey' cause.. 'I likes it! I likes it!!!" ;')

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