Explaining what Shungite is will take the entire page, reason why I created a unique page to describe in detail what is Shungite and it's healing properties. You can read all the detailed information about Shungite here.



There are three types of Shungite (for those who doesn't know) please see below:

1- TYPE I Elite Noble Shungite also known as Silver Shungite.

Type I occurs as a black, vitreous mineral with a semimetal-lic, silvery shine. it contains 98 percent organic carbon. This is the most scarce form since it amounts for only 1 percent of all shungite that it is found. It can be easily identify because of its conchoidal fractures. Ocre colored inclusions are jarosite, a basic sulfate of iron formed from the oxidation of pyrite. 

Carbon Content is 98%

2-  TYPE II Black Shungite

Type II occurs as a black mineral. This is the kind of shungite most often used to make objects because, unlike type I, it can be easily shaped and polished (giving it a brilliant shine). This Shungite contains 50 percent to 70 percent organic carbon.

Carbon Content 50-70% 

3- TYPE III Petrosky Shungite

Type III is called approximately 70-80% carbon. Petrovsky Shungite and this is the shungite used during the time of Peter the Great. It is very rare. Even though it has a very high carbon content, it can be ground, shaped and polished into different forms such as beads and jewelry. This Shungite contains 70 percent to 80 percent organic carbon.

Carbon Content = 70-80%

Please note on my website I do not sell Petrosky Shungite. I sell only Elite Noble Shungite To make water and in jewelry form and then the Type II Black Shungite. Petrosky Shungite is extremely rare to find and is not available in large quantities as with the other types of shungite. Please be very careful when purchasing "Petrosky" Shungite as it is almost impossible to distinguish from the other type of Shungite, and most sold in the market is NOT authentic Petrosky Shungite but they sell it as such, because they know people doesn't know how to recognize genuine Petrosky Shungite. There is a full catalog of products created with this Shungite. You will find them in Polished form or in it's natural rough form.