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Fuchsite Spectacular Large Specimen Self Standing "The Healer Stone"

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Product Description



SIZE: measuring 8 X 6 inches approximately. Weight 3.3 Lb. Amazing energy truly one of a kind, much beautiful in person. This Specimen is simply amazing!!  


PLEASE NOTE: All pictures taken with my iphone, images don't make justice to their true colors and beauty. No filter used or altered in any way.

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Metaphysical Properties

Fuchsite is a lovely green form of Muscovite Mica. Held in the light... its amazing sparkle just seems to draw the eyes to it! It is a stone with strong metaphysical properties that is very beneficial for everyone to have in their vicinity.

It is known as the Healers Stone as it is particularly good for healers... especially those who regularly try to save others from themselves, when it might be better to let the person to take responsibility for their own health concerns.

Even if you are not a healer, it may help you to look after your own needs and requirements, and the health of your loved ones, when you need to.

This sparkling green stone is a stone that has been used by ancient healers and shamans.... and has been called 'The Healers Stone'. This lovely green mica is a beautiful green heart chakra stone... and looking at it in the light... your eyes seem to be drawn to the sparkling light from within it, as you are attracted by its radiance.

By using its radiant energy you may be able to access information from the universal mind, via your intuition. You may find yourself becoming altered, if you immerse yourself within the sparkling light from Green Fuchsite.

If you are a healer of any sort... try to obtain a reasonable sized piece of this stone.

Another reason for keeping this lovely green crystal close to you, is to assist you to make contact with nature spirits and elemental beings. Not everyone is aware of the presence of these beings. These beings that live in and around the green areas of your home can be attracted by the Fuchsite vibration... especially if you ensure that you keep the garden healthy, and well cared for.

Avoid the use of harmful chemicals, and you will find that the number of these beings will multiply in the healthy garden surroundings. If you want to invite the elemental creatures to live in your garden... use this crystal to get in touch with them during your meditations.

Gardens with lush growth of healthy plants growing, may attract the Devic kingdom. As you find you make contact... ask them to live in your garden or to be present near your home. These members of the Devic kingdom have much they can share with you... if you are open to receiving it.

They are very helpful when you feel overwhelmed by life's situations, so encourage them to aid you, by asking for their help. Children do this naturally... so listen when they tell you they are talking to fairies or nature divas. If we become as a little child... we have the potential to gain a lot.

Fuchsite is said to aid those who are herbalists to gain information about how to use certain natural remedies.

Although this is not my field, I have heard from others that using this stone is very effective for bringing through the information required.

Making contact with elemental beings may also potentially gain such information. This stone is also useful if you are a person who likes to be of service to others... and who gets involved in groups or organizations.

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