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Natural Sugilite Healing Bracelet

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Product Description



I'm so thrilled to be able to bring these to you! As you may know if you follow me on social media, Ajoite and sugilite are two of my top favorite healing crystals, however they're also incredibly expensive and almost impossible to find. When it comes to Ajoite, this is a crystal that cannot be imitated so not much to worry here. However when it comes to Sugilite? There is FAKE Sugilite all over the internet from Etsy, to Ebay, to Amazon, to almost any online market there is. Sugilite can be lab created and imitated too. On ebay for example, pretty much all the "Sugilite" you find is pretty much dyed agate. I know because I have purchased some myself for research and testing, as I'm working on a educational video on this subject.

I'm telling you this because it is important for you to understand. Real genuine Sugilite is super rare to find and this healing stone is incredibly expensive as well. However the healing properties it has, are nothing but marvelous! The real sugilite jewelry you find online cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. One way to know if sugilite is fake, if it's cheap (unless you buy directly from the source) this is definitely an indication it's fake because again, real natural Sugilite is quite expensive.

Another way to know if it's fake is because for example the "sugilite" sold on ebay and other markets, no matter if it's a bracelet or necklace every single bead looks the same, like a bright purple glass ball. This is without a doubt a powerful indication that it's totally fake, why?

Sugilite gets its attractive purple color from traces of manganese, but it can have other color variations  too within the same stone from deep purple, to bright purple, to lila, to black, brown, pinkish, red, magenta, even blue. For example, rough gem sugilite is the most expensive one in the market today and it cost a fortune, mainly because it contain 100% gem quality sugilite making it to be of a bright intense purple color. However it can also contain black matrix (the host rock) it can also have more dark brownish color. Clearly the highest content of color purple the higher content of Sugilite. To make this clear, Sugilite is a potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminum silicate mineral, the amount of either within the stone, can affect the predominant color a stone may have.

I'm giving this explanation, because I think it is super important to understand about Sugilite. Some people think that Sugilite is only bright light purple and this is a misconception. This is also why when people see the beaded bracelets or necklaces on online markets, with the same color purple and called "natural" Sugilite they buy it thinking is the real deal, when in fact they're been scammed and they just getting dyed agate, or lab created sugilite.

These bracelets that I'm offering you, are 100% REAL Genuine Sugilite from manganese mine in the Southern Kalahari Desert of South Africa.

IMAGES: The images I took of these bracelets were taken using different lights, with the intention of showing better their color. As you can see, some stones are more bright purple, while others have more dark brown, you can also notice some bluish colors and some pinkish color as well. 

Images shows more than one bracelet for display purposes only. price is for one (1) bracelet, please let me pick one for you.

PRICE: As mentioned previously natural Sugilite is incredibly is expensive and rare, so most pieces are quite small. If these bracelets were made using larger sugilite beads, they will cost hundreds of dollars, but these bracelets are quite affordable (for those who knows about Sugilite value) because they're made using small Sugilite chips. Yet, they still 100% real, so if you always wanted to have Sugilite for it's marvelous healing properties (see metaphysical tab) this is your chance.

SIZE; made using elastic cord, one size fits most. 

Click on metaphysical tab to learn about the healing properties of Sugilite.

Metaphysical Properties

Sugilite is a rare purple cyclosilicate mineral that was named after the Japanese petrologist, Ken-ichi Sugi, who first identified it in 1944 in Iwagi Islet, Japan. However, this occurred as brownish-yellow grains that were not suitable for use as gemstones. A significant deposit of gem-quality material was later discovered in 1979 at a manganese mine in the Southern Kalahari Desert of South Africa. In 1980 sugilite was officially classified as a rare gem, which caused its price to increase. Since then, additional deposits have been discovered, but since these are small, it remains a rare gem.

Sugilite gets its attractive purple color from traces of manganese. It can range in color from pinkish-purple to deep bluish-purple. The most highly valued sugilite gemstones are a uniform and intense purple. A great deal of sugilite has patches, veins or layers, and attractive or interesting patterns are also desirable in sugilite gemstones.

A most beautiful and powerful crystal of the Violet Ray energy, Sugilite is a premier “love stone for this age,” embodying the perfection of Divine love and the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane. It brings the gifts of wisdom and spiritual devotion, helping one to understand that Truth is the highest form of love, and living in one’s own truth is not only healing but empowering. Working with, wearing or meditating with Sugilite amplifies the ability to channel high frequency Violet energy into every aspect of one’s being in order to walk the Earth in strength and grace. Sugilite reminds the soul of its reasons for incarnating, and enhances one’s understanding of the lessons which have been chosen for this journey on the physical realm.

An exceptional crystal for awakening the Crown Chakra, Sugilite infuses the body with light, bringing spiritual and unconditional love in through the Crown and down to the Base Chakra, aligning all of the chakras as it goes. It is a powerful attractor of healing energies, and has surfaced to further an awareness of the connection between the well-being of the mind and the well-being of the body. Its use helps counter the mental and emotional stresses that create many of the illnesses and diseases of the physical body. Sugilite’s frequency allows one to recognize and release the harshness of the world, and to let go of sorrow, frustration, past angers and fear. It brings light and love into the darkest of situations, letting one know life is more than what is currently being experienced. It offers hope and optimism for a better future, enabling one to accept the here and now. Sugilite encourages forgiveness, of oneself and others, and instills confidence and a sense of freedom. It is an especially joyful stone for those who never quite fit in, and for light workers who find it difficult to adjust to the vibration of Earth.

Sugilite is a great all rounder. It balances Mind / Body / Spirit by opening the chakras and letting the kundalini energy rise through them, as it does it cleanses and purifies them drawing healing energy into the body. It works on the Pituitary gland (where all the visions are created within our reality), it relieves stress, assists with forgiveness, releasing negativity, and if it has black manganese in it – it will draw pain into it. Sugilite is a very rare to find and expensive ancient stone. Sugilite is especially excellent for people who are undergoing any kind of cancer treatment (surgery, radiation or chemotherapy). Sugilite has the very highest spiritual vibration that can ease emotional turmoil, pain, fear and despair over any situation or serious disease. It is probably the most signficant crystal for repelling negative vibrations on every level since it channels the Universal Violet Flame of Purification and Love. It brings in the higher spiritual energies and then grounds them so they can be used on the material plane. Sugilite channels healing energy to all levels of one's being and activates the heart and mind together. It creates a shield of spiritual protection around the aura, bringing love and light everywhere. Sugilite is expensive and rare, so most pieces are quite small. Healer of all serious systemic diseases like cancer, nerve disorders, tumors. Very helpful for insomnia, nightmares and restlessness due to stress, fear, illness.

Beautiful violet-purple Sugilite, is a major spiritual stone. Especially helpful for those who feel alienated and alone, Sugilite allows the user to understand the purpose for their existence, and the reason for their life lessons. Sugilite helps to promote self forgiveness and acceptance. Sugilite can help one to release anger and rage, helping one to recognize struggles as necessary for ones growth. Great for dreamwork, Sugilite can be held during sleep to help release nightmares, bringing one to a truly restful, regenerative sleep state. Especially good for those who are empathic, Sugilite can offer energetic protection from outside negative energies. Meditating with Sugilite can help to pull in higher vibrations, and bring them into the earth's energy field. Sugilite will help the body to heal and repair itself.

Product Reviews

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  1. Sugilite Bracelets 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 15th 2019

    Dear Ana,
    My Sugilite Bracelets are pretty, pretty! Thanks, Terry :)

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