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Nature Inspired Crystal Altar Buddha-Goddess Design *SOLD*

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Product Description

Nature Inspired Crystal Altar #1

Bring the healing benefits of crystals and Mother Nature into your home, with this magical altar. Beautify any amplify the energy of any space you choose to place it. Your bedroom, meditation room, or any favorite place in your home. 


1- Large Buddha Head Statue 

2- Goddess Figurine

3- crystals (17) including an Amethyst cathedral and a amethyst standing cluster. Rose quartz, green calcite, clear quartz points, large clear quartz cluster.

4- 4 large/medium tree trunks and logs

5- 4 beautiful air plants

6 - Natural untreated moss

7- Water resistant Vinyl mat 

Please know that the materials I use are 100% natural and collected in the forrest. The moss I use is not the typical you can buy in stores that is treated or color sprayed. This moss is completely natural, even have soil, roots, and earth deposits underneath. I also use natural tree logs not only to create different levels for the altar, but because the moss loves to attach to it, as in it's natural environment.


Care and Maintenance: Please note this is 100% natural forrest collected moss. The Dry Sheet moss will stay good for up to a month, and will eventually fade color a little.  You can keep it longer if you keep it in a dark dry place. Also if you mix some green food coloring and water to make a moss green then mist it on the moss and then let it dry it will stay a very healthy green for up to a year.  But you do not want to mist it with water often to keep the moss alive, other wise it will start to rot and fall apart and look bad. The temples I have myself personally, I do not spray with anything (food color) as with the colors of the seasons, I like it green and also when it turns a little brown as well. But that is just me, I like all things natural. If you want to keep the moss always green, just do as mentioned above, or you can just add some new moss on some areas as I do, to keep the balance from fresh green to brownish when starts to dry in the months to come;-) If you ever need new fresh moss, you can always contact me.


For the air plants, simply spray some purified water (rain water the best!) over them once a week, and you will have long lasting beautiful air plants!


Measures: This crystal altar measures approximately 30 x 27 inches. 

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