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Nuummite The Sorcerers Stone Pendant

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Product Description


Beautiful Nuummite stone pendants with 925 sterling silver bail. 100% Natural and genuine Nuummite stone. Beautiful and very visible golden color spark/flashes that only REAL Nuummite have!

Nuummite is a very rare and powerful stone.

SIZE: approximately a little under 1 inch, see images of me holding a couple on my hands for better size comparison.


See metaphysical tab for more information.


Metaphysical Properties

NUUMMITE METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Nuummite, the Sorcere's Stone, draws from the fiery energies of ancient Earth and combines with the elements of Storm. Black as midnight shadows on moonlit water, this talisman shimmers with mystical gold light, lifting the murky to see what lies beneath. It is a stone of personal magic, increasing the frequency of synchronicities and luck, clairvoyance and intuition, and for those evolved enough to work with its intensity, it allows for journeying deep into the personal psyche, offering a clear vision of one's true Self. It helps to release energies trapped in the subconscious and brings the gift of inner power, healing, and self-mastery.

Nuummite has a potent vibration, and has become known as the Sorcerers stone. Once you begin to resonate with its powerful energy you may understand why. This is an ancient stone that embodies strong metaphysical properties, and a deeply felt resonance that is an extraordinary aid to move your spiritual growth forward quickly. After using this stone you may find an inclination for using your personal magical abilities, and a desire to learn more about this subject may emerge. Within this dark stone is a strong element of the magical and mystical vibration of the earth. If you use it, this may help you to attune yourself with deep earth energy.

Nuummite is a stone of tremendous grounding, attuned to the elemental forces of Earth that can be drawn upon in times of need. It is an excellent source of energy with a strong electro-magnetic field. It aligns the subtle bodies, strengthens the auric shield, and is fiercely protective against negative energies, manipulations, and environmental pollutants.

Nuummite is said to have been formed over 3 billion years ago, from volcanic origins, and is one of the most ancient stones known to man. It is a unique combination of Anthophyllite and Gedrite metamorphosed into closely inter-grown crystals of charcoal gray to black with iridescent flashes of gold, though its labradorescent display may include red, orange, yellow, green, silver, blue and violet. It is named for the remote, rugged mountain area north of Nuuk, Greenland, where it was discovered in 1982 and is still painstakingly mined today. Similar rock has been discovered in Canada and the United States, however only the rare Greenland variety has color developed well enough to be suitable for gemstones.

Nuummite is also referred to as the Magician's Stone. Stones with elemental magic should always be taken seriously and used respectfully with right intent, as harmful intent rebounds upon the user. Magic is often misunderstood, and some people feel that magical abilities are not positive. On the contrary, the mastery of magic can be a force for extreme good.
By attuning yourself with earth energy and the elemental forces and elemental beings, you can add to the positive energy within your life. Nuummite resonates powerfully within the earth star chakra, and it will attune with your energy to accentuate any magical abilities you already possess. This is a stone that will aid you to enhance your magical powers and make contact with these elemental forces. This energy of this stone is also highly protective, especially against stronger levels of magic and sorcery that may be directed against you.

PHYSICALLY: Nuummite is not only a source of energy for the body it also assists in reducing tension and stress, and allows for a deep sleep. It is useful in over-all healing and tissue regeneration, and to relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches and degenerative disease. It may be used to purify the blood and kidneys, and to alleviate infections that are slow to heal or recur. Nuummite may be beneficial in insulin production and regulation, in treating diabetes, low blood sugar and low blood pressure, fainting and dizziness. It has been used to treat tinnitus in the ears, and disorders of the eyes and throat.
Nuummite stimulates circulation and strengthens the triple-burner meridian. It may assist in the recovery of Parkinson's disease and in treating disorders of the central nervous system. It is thought to be fortifying for the brain and increasing mental acuity. [Melody, 436][Hall II, 200][Eason, 200][Gienger, 61]

EMOTIONALLY: Nuummite is a stone of empowerment, allowing one to see beyond facades and to understand what lies beneath words and actions, one's own and that of others. It helps one to delve deep into the psyche to discover the hidden hurts, fears, guilt or shame that lies in the subconscious and holds one back. Nuummite helps to release those trapped energies and to severe emotional constraints from others' inappropriate protection or attempted guidance, manipulations or thought ingraining. It cleanses those experiences, and reaches to the core self, reprogramming thought processes where necessary and allowing one to recognize their true abilities and power. Nuummite teaches honor and respect, for oneself and others, and demands the fulfillment of duties, promises and obligations made to others that are relevant to this life, and to let go of those that are not.

SPIRITUALLY: The iridescent quality of Nuummite induces a gentle vitality in pursuits of the spiritual realm and has been known to stimulate psychic experiences, clairvoyance and intuition. It is particularly useful in accessing past or alternate lives for the purpose of recognizing past patterns or misuses of power, and to clear karmic debris and restore one's true nature. Nuummite is a powerful stone for shamans who journey the lower world to locate and retrieve a lost soul or child part, and integrate it back into the Self for healing and wholeness. It provides protection from negative energies and sorcery, allowing one to travel in stealth and surety, shielded from sight. Nuummite set in silver and combined with Tugtupite is highly beneficial in ritual work. [Ahsian, 279][Hall II, 198-199]

NOTE: The strong energy of this stone allows you to have faith in the level of psychic protection against negative entities and against psychic attack that it embodies. This dark stone will shine light into the depth of your sub-conscious and in doing so may shine light on things you may have preferred did not come to light. For some people this can be challenging. It is possible that you may have difficulty using Nuummite, as it commonly brings your attention to parts of yourself that you may be reluctant to face, and deal with.
This type of situation has been termed the 'dark night of the soul' and it can be a very challenging situation to be in. Use this stone when you are ready to face those parts of yourself, that you may have avoided knowing about and feared, including guilt, shame and fear itself. It will aid you to release past life negativity and karma that has held you in a state of inability to move forward. The positive thing about these experiences is that once faced, you can move your life forward in a new way.

Product Reviews

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  1. Nuummite Pendents 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 10th 2020

    Dear Ana,
    The Nuummite pendents are so sparkly and pretty!
    Thank you so much! Terry :)

  2. Nuummite Pendent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 28th 2019

    Dear Ana,
    Thanks for my beautiful Nuummite pendents. I love how the gold color shines inside of the rich glossy black stone. So, so beautiful!!!! Terry :)

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