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Aging is Inevitable but Aging Gracefully is a Choice

My name is Ana Satya and I’m the founder of the brand CrystalHealthGoddess and today I want to talk to you about one of my products and why I love it so much. Now, I could hire a model, with perfect makeup much younger than me, and provably she won’t even use the product and I believe that will be misleading, and that is the reason why I’m choosing myself to talk to you about this amazing product that I created for women like myself.

I’m a middle age woman, I will be 52 years old in a couple of months, and as you can see I'm not wearing any makeup, I haven’t done anything on my face, I'm as natural as the environment you see behind me and the reason is because I believe, that aging is inevitable but I believe that we can age gratefully.

For many years I was using products that you can buy on the market and I was spending so much money, but I could not see the result that I wanted on myself.

And that’s why I created Love MyFace Moisturizer and I want to invite you to try it because I think that you will love it as much as I do. So to show you that I'm not wearing anything, I'm going to apply some of Love MyFace moisturizer right in front of you because I absolutely love the way it feels. It doesn’t feel greasy, it is absorbed by the skin very quickly and it just feels absolutely wonderful and I think if you will try it, you will love it as much as I do.

Now, if you go to the website you can order sample sizes and you can try it and then if you love it which I think you will do, you can order the full size. I absolutely love the way it feels. I believe that we can age gracefully and loving ourselves in the process, and this is why I created Love MyFace Moisturizer because I want to support the process of aging naturally using natural products that will make me feel wonderful with myself, and that will feel wonderful when I apply them to my skin, knowing that I'm not putting any chemicals, any artificial synthetic ingredients but 100% organic ingredients coming from the earth itself.

So go ahead, give it a try today and let me know what you think, I will love to hear your testimonials and your feedback and what you feel about my product.

In Light, Love & Natural Healing

- Ana Satya

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