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Crystals Can Be Our BEST Friends

They say a pet is a person's best friend. When I think about my beautiful dog, I completely agree;-) but I wholeheartedly  feel based on my own personal experience, Crystals and too! A dog will be next to you if they see you sad, to offer you comfort, and support. Unfortunately they cannot help us, the way we really need help or assistance at times.

Crystals On the contrary can help us when we need it. By opening your heart chakra and removing that sadness, while filling your heart with love and understanding. Removing negative emotions and pain. Bring light into your being at the core of your soul, thus healing it. They can protect us from negative energies, can uplift our moods. Help us heal from dis-ease.

Crystals are more than a best friend. Crystals are light beings doing their work at the subtle deep level. A miracle healers, gifted by us by Mother Earth:-)

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