Crystals For Skincare

Updated: May 4

When I started making my own skincare products in 2011, it came naturally to me to experiment and include Crystals in my formulations.

One thing I remember well, is me doing a google search about skincare products with Crystals and I could not find absolutely anything on it, back then.

The only thing I found were those beautiful soaps 🧼 that looks like Quartz Crystals, some even having stones inside them. I absolutely adore them but they’re so beautiful, that you actually don’t want to use them. Lol

But aside from that, I did not find skincare products made with Crystals.

I also remember the day I posted here images of me making my Anti-wrinkle Crystal Eye Cream with the Crystals visible inside the open jars, and noticing in the comments people saying it was a great idea and if that will be the next thing for Nerium? I think that was the name of the company they mentioned. 😉

Fast forward to this day many years later, now the market is flooded with skincare products that have incorporated Crystals in them, and let me tell you something, I’m happy about that because I genuinely think that Crystals and Gemstones can be of great aid to our skincare routine, and that we can experience positive and noticeable results when using them.

Below I will share some additional information with you that I hope you will find interesting even helpful.

Why Using Quartz Crystals For Skincare

I started making my very own Skincare products in 2011 out of pure frustration and concern for the way I was looking back then, you can read why here. I was already working with Crystals using them for healing even before I had the idea of making my own skincare creams. Aside of using them for healing, I also use Quartz Crystals to energize my food and water, so when I made my first facial cream, incorporating crystals came naturally.

I remember searching online for Skincare made with Quartz Crystals and gemstones and I found absolutely nothing on the market. I guess no one have thought of this before? I thought to myself. I remember posting on my social media about my Anti-Wrinkle Crystal Eye Cream when I made it, and have people commenting on what a great idea that was and wondering if this will be the next trend that companies will jump on. Fast forward to today it's clear that adding Crystals to beauty products has become a trend and one that's here to stay.

But Can Crystals Really Be Of Benefit?

Healing Crystals and Gemstones are not only beautiful, and mystical, but also profound "energy medicine" tools, which have been used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires. Crystals and stones have been used since the dawn of civilization. Crystals bring amazing benefits of healing, to those who use them. The healing powers of crystals have been well documented in almost every system of holistic medicine, including Ayurveda, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hopi Native American and even biblical texts from the Old Testament.

The Egyptians in particular, were renowned for their belief in crystal and gemstone healing, so much that they created elixirs, make-up and emollient creams from shimmering rocks that were thought to purify and brighten while clearing emotional negativity. Legend said that Cleopatra bathed in water infused with rose quartz because of its strong healing and anti-ageing benefits and that in the Nile, Egyptian goddesses used tumbled rose quartz and would splash the water on their faces to remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Crystals have been recognized for their power to heal and release the physical, spiritual and emotional blockages within the body, thus promoting a free flow of energy.

Because crystals and gemstones, much like ourselves, are compromised of the life-giving elements of our Earth, we are inherently receptive to the electromagnetic energy they transmit.

It all has to do with vibration.

Every natural substance vibrates at a specific frequency: The human body for example vibrates at around 62 Hertz, the earth vibrates at 7.83 Hertz, and crystals vibrate at significantly higher frequencies, quartz tops the charts at 32,768 Hertz, think about that for a second.

Crystals and Gemstones vibrate at a higher frequency than our bodies and release mild electrical charges which can heat or cool the skin's surface. This can help boost blood circulation, calm puffiness and aid lymphatic drainage as well as helping to amplify the effects of other products, driving ingredients towards our weaker cells when used in skin care. Making them extremely effective and powerful ingredients to target common skin issues such as redness and signs of aging. When crystals are part of the ingredients in your formulas, they act as a conduit for healing, helping your cells thrive on an energetic level.

The minerals found in crystals can have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and are also associated with firming, regenerating, and toning.

Whether you are experiencing dryness, itchiness, redness, puffiness, dullness, or acne – these conditions can potentially be improved with a little help from the right crystals!

Quartz Crystals and Gemstones Used In Our Skincare Products

We use different Crystals and Healing Stones when formulating our Skincare and you can find the specific Crystals below, but the main Crystal used is always Selenite and here is why:

SELENITE: Selenite is unique in that it forms from water seeping into the ancient limestone formations and dissolving the sulfide ores, producing sulfuric acid. It then absorbs calcium, and this calcium mingles with oxygen and hydrogen to form Selenite.

Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum, the most common form of Selenite found on the market is known as Selenite Satin Spar, then you have 100% Pure Selenite Crystal, which is of a much higher quality. The Selenite we use to create our formulas is 100% Pure Selenite Crystals of the highest quality sourced directly from Crystalline Phoenix in New Mexico.

For Skin: Selenite is extremely useful with any healing treatment and especially is a great Crystal for skin issues such as: wrinkles, age spots, acne, itchy dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, shingles and pressure sores. It assists in maintaining skin elasticity and a youthful appearance. Selenite can reverse the effects of “free radicals” to heal and repair on the cellular level.

Metaphysical Properties: Selenite is the perfect crystal for bringing in the purifying white light into the body and healing the auric field. Selenite calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquility. Selenite crystal ls are remarkably peaceful. They carry a very high vibration, and instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner peace. Selenite is one of the more powerful healing stones. It is known as an "emotional cleanser" for the mind, body, spirit and outer environment. It is an essential crystal in Feng Shui. It has one of the finest and highest spiritual vibrations and is often used at the Crown Chakra for meditation, angelic consciousness, channeling and the highest wisdom. Selenite emanate the most uplifting and positive vibrations and instills deep peace and tranquility.

Scientific Facts About Selenite Crystal

Tests in a sophisticated lab at a major university have shown that when liquids, in glass containers, are placed on our selenite crystal, the chemical composition of the liquid (wine, beer, and coffee tested so far) is changed. Think about it... selenite crystal changes the chemical composition of liquids. And how many forms or types of liquids, or things containing liquids? After all, humans are 70% liquid! In more recent laboratory tests, we have confirmed that selenite will change a persons blood chemistry, for the better. More to come on this later.

Tests in Korea have shown that our selenite crystal produces 800-1000 negative ions per cubic centimeter of surrounding air. A pristine forest produces about 400 negative ions per cubic centimeter. WebMD says: "Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy."

Most recently, tests have shown our selenite crystal to have a frequency of 244.5 MHZ, whereas, our selenite powder is at 233 MHZ.

"A healthy body frequency is 62-72 MHZ . When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. Essential oils start at 52 MHZ and go as high as 320 MHZ, the frequency of rose oil." The only essential oil with a higher frequency than selenite, is rose oil. *Source from Crystalline Phoenix


For Skin: Rose Quartz stimulates blood circulation, which brings more oxygen to the skin and releases toxins and impurities. It’s also known to relieve tension, which can often build up in the muscles in our face, stealing our youthful glow. Rose Quartz softens fine lines, buffs away dead cells and impurities, calms and reduce redness, soothe irritation and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Rose Quartz encouraged lymph drainage as well. Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz has a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the skin.

Metaphysical Properties: Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Rose Quartz opens the heart to love and compassion for self and for others, and raises self-esteem. Rose Quartz eases guilt and balances emotions, lowering stress and bringing peace. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues and dis-ease associated with holding on to such negative emotions.

 The comforting and soothing energy of Rose Quartz can also help heal a broken heart, allowing release of pent-up emotions and grief. It is the most im