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Elite Noble Shungite and How To Make Water With It

I'm the type of person that when I talk about crystals, vaccines or anything especially when it comes to health? Is not because I hear someone else saying it, or done a quick search on Google, but because I do an extensive research on my own, and specially test things out. I do a lot of testing, on my own and in collaboration with other professionals in the field. I have extensively talk about the miraculous healing properties of Shungite mineral, and the incredible ability it has to cleanse and purify water. Turning bad or highly acidic water, into alkaline water. BUT it is imperative I share my knowledge and research with you, so you know how to do things the right way. The healthy way!

There are three types of Shungite:

  • Elite Noble Shungite alson knows as Silver Shungite

  • Black Shungite

  • Petrovsky Shungite


Because it is very important that if you going to use shungite to make water, you need to do it RIGHT and also know the difference, if you want to buy shungite. And TEST it first, before putting it in the water you are going to ingest. As you can see for the pictures below and after extensive testing done on my own, you can clearly see the difference of water, when I added different types of shungite. SO, if you want to do shungite water (and I highly recommend for you to do this) make sure to use the ELITE NOBLE SHUNGITE (Type I) and if not available, use the Type II shungite, but just make sure you are buying it from a reputable and trusted source! 

This is the crystal water large jar I have in my house, filled with the Elite Noble Shungite, and from which I drink all the time. As you can see the water is crystal clear (considering bag quality of pictures are taken with my Iphone) I initially add filtered water, and then add the shungit