Green Sand Beach Hawaii Olivine Crystals

When we are in tune with the vibration of out Mother Earth, her healing gifts and love to us, can be intensely felt. Today I was beyond mesmerized by the Green Sand Beach we where at. Such a magical place!! The images don't make justice to its vibrant deep green color. I couldn't just look at it, I had to feel it!

So I asked to be buried in it. And it was beyond amazing what I felt. I was there for about 30 minutes, and I could feel her vibration! I could feel her pulse palpitating all over my body. Like if I had the vibrational sound of African drums, pulsing in every inch of my body. Specially my feet and hands, and my heart!  It was the most incredible and intense feeling I had ever have! It was like at the core of a crystal magical dimension, and in deed I was! Words cannot express the feeling, and the medicine I received today, from our beloved and oh so powerful Mother Earth! AHO!

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