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Selenite Necklace Collection

If you love Selenite as much as I do, you also know that when it comes to Selenite jewelry, the selection that is available in the marketplace is very much limited to just pendants. You may find Selenite beaded bracelets but that's about it. Design selection when it comes to Necklaces and Bracelets is truly nonexistent and that is exactly the reason why I created my New Selenite Jewellery collection. Focused on bringing you a unique an exclusive selection of Necklaces and Bracelets, using Selenite as the main Crystal.

On the Selenite Jewelry Collection Catalog, you can already find a beautiful selection of Selenite bracelets.

My focus now is in creating beautiful and Unique Necklaces using Selenite as the main Crystals in combination with other Crystals and Stones as the ones you can see in the images.

Yesterday I added to the catalog two new Selenite Necklaces and I'm truly loving them, they look stunning when you wearing them no matter if you wearing casual clothes or dress up for a night out.

If you love Selenite I will love to hear what crystal and Stone combination you would like to see in a Selenite necklace? Do you like single strand necklaces or multi-strand necklaces, like the one in the picture. I have even thought of creating some necklace designs with multiple strands 3-6 and different lengths, because the way the strands naturally intertwine when wearing it, make it look stunning and unique in so many different ways.

I'm truly enjoying making these Selenite Necklaces and planning to design many more. I sincerely welcome you to post your comments on the necklaces, specially the crystal and Stone combinations you would like to see. Also if you would like to work with me on a custom piece for you, just send me an email via the contact us form, and I be happy to create a special customized piece of Selenite jewelry for you.

Thank you for reading and for your comments and feedback. Let's create something together!

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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