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So This Happened To Me Today, UNBELIAVABLE

Imagine being harassed by a man for months every time you walk your dog, and no matter how many times you tell him to fuck off, he keeps harassing you and getting more verbally violent. Then one morning you just come out of your house to walk the dog, and he comes out running like crazy in his underwear screaming and yelling at you.

He starts threatening you and tells you he is going to kill your dog. He knows where you live, your car and he just basically continue threatening you.

After months of stress and putting up with his shit, you finally call the cops on him. When the cops arrives 2 male cops goes to talk to him. The neighbor is lying and when you try to call him out on his lies, the cops tell you to be quiet and to let HIM talk.

They then tell you it’s your word against his word and so that’s that. You leave the neighbors house and start walking towards your house with the cops. You start tearing up because the whole experience was horrible. Not only they didn’t take you serious or help you but then they tell you to Stop Crying NOW, and just go home.

Then minutes later one of the cops comes back to your home to hit on you and to ask you out, like WTF!

I’m sharing the whole experience with you on this video. I personally feel this experience was humiliating, infuriating, and incredibly unprofessional and out of line for a cop to do that. So I’m going to start walking dowtrn the street with an alligator 🐊 so my asshole neighbor can leave me alone and I don’t have to call unprofessional cops that instead of helping you, will show up later to your house to hit on you. Like WTF! To serve and protect, you know?

How many of you can identify with this or have similar experiences?

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana satya

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