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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

✨ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023! ✨ 🎉

My first video of this year is a confession, a realization I fully came to terms with during this past year 2022 and that I’m sharing with you on this personal video. The message I want to share with you on this video is that we need to change the stories we’re telling ourselves. The same untruthful stories that keep us feeling down, blocking our blessings, affecting our self growth and personal healing journey.

I know I do, for I have repeatedly told myself a million times a story in my head, that I have subconsciously believed all my life. A story that I no longer want to believe but I want to radically change.

My goal this year is to finally let go of the things I no longer want, and to create and manifest more of the life I want for myself from now on. A life filled with adventure, service to others, meaningful relationship and a whole lot more of laughter.

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year 2023! 🎉✨🎊

Let’s make this year a freaking awesome one!


In Light, Love & Healing

- Ana Satya

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