Please choose the crystal option you want. If you want more than one crystal, add one to the cart then click continue shopping to come back to the page to choose the next crystal you want, repeat until you have all the crystals you need in the cart.

Please note that the price is for the first Amethyst choice, different crystal or stone choice may change price according to value and quantity. For example for the first amethyst choice I decided to add 2 crystals, a smaller amethyst tumbled crystal, a larger amethyst crystal. See below for each individual description so you know exactly what you will get. You can also see the image for that particular crystal to see the visual. Please remember that not two crystals are ever the same, so images are for display purposes only.

AMETHYST TUMBLED: 1 smaller amethyst tumbled crystal and 1 larger amethyst tumbled crystal.

AMETHYST CHEVRON:  2 amethyst chevron tumbled stones 1 small & 1 larger.

AMETHYST ROUGH POINTS: Small Size 4 pieces included of similar size.

AMETHYST CHEVRON HEART: 1 Chevron Amethyst heart about 1 inch


Amethyst Crystals Tumbled

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