DESCRIPTION: 100% natural blue Apatite. You have 3 choices, tumbled stone, rough Apatite and Neon Blue Apatite crystals. If you want more than one choice, please add to the cart then come back to the listing and add to the cart your next choice.


IMAGES: taken with my Iphone no filter used or color altered. 100% natural Apatite. Please note the rough Apatite image of me holding 3 pieces is for display purposes to give you a better idea of the size. Same thing with the neon Blue Apatite, showing 5 in my hand for better display size.


PRICE: Tumbled stone is $3 piece. Rough Apatite is $3 piece. Neon Blue Apatite is $4 for 10 small crystals.


Please click on crystal guide to learn more about Apatite.


Apatite Blue

SKU: apatite-stone