Stunning Black Tourmaline on a Quartz Matrix!

DESCRIPTION: Every beautiful quartz cluster contains a nice piece of Black Tourmailne. Some have more than once. Sizes vary but they are approximately 2 to 3 inches, very nice chucks of quartz with tourmaline, you are going to love them, trust me. Some have one larger black tourmaline or two or more smaller pieces of Tourmaline. Please let me pick a beautiful one for you. Or contact me if you have any specific request or for quantities. I give discounts if you buy 3 or more.

This crystal is ideal for psychic protection for anyone who must work in challenging places or circumstances. It helps protect one against destructive energies and ‘bad vibes’. Black tourmaline is also recommended for ridding oneself of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger and ideas of unworthiness. This stone also particularly helpful in relieving stress in their lives or work area because of its linear flow of energy.

Black Tourmaline on a Quartz Matrix

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