Black Tourmaline Rough With Red Hematite Polished Point

DESCRIPTION: Dear customers I'm so incredibly excited to bring these Incredible Black Tourmaline Specimens to you. This year at the Tucson show I found one of the most rare and incredible Crystals ever! This is an specimen of Rough Black Tourmaline With red hematite that has been polished at the top to turn them into a Generator Point Crystal. Now, talk about the ultimate protection crystals! Black Tourmaline With red Hematite in this form is so incredibly rare to find, and this is the reason why I'm so excited to have a few to share with you.


Now these are 100% NATURAL AND COMPLETELY GENUINE Black Tourmaline With red Hematite Specimens. Once these are gone I won't have any more hopefully until next year that I will find them again? I hope so, but for now if you have the chance to grab one of these do not miss the opportunity as these as as rare as they come.


SIZE: This particular point generator measures approximately 2.5 x 3  inches.


WEIGHT: Weights 250 Grams

IMAGES: All images are taken inside my home with my Iphone NO filter or Photoshop used at all. I also added an image of a completely rough Black Tourmaline with some of that beautiful red Hematite in all it's natural form and splendor so you can see where these comes from and how the Red hematite stripes visible on the Tourmaline Point Generators is completely natural. I think by reading my description, you can feel my excitement about these amazing Black Tourmaline Crystals. ;-)

Black Tourmaline Rough With Red Hematite Generator Point 250g

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