DESCRIPTION: Blue Calcite in it's Natural Rough Form. 100% Natural with beautiful blue color.

Price is for one (1) Blue Rough Calcite Crystal. Please let me pick one for you.


IMAGES: Please see image of me holding some on my hand to better get an idea of their size. These are some truly beautiful Blue Calcite chunks that feel amazing to hold on your hand.


NOTE: As you can see for the image these are medium/large size Crystals but if you are looking for Calcite in small sizes to maybe use in combination with other crystals and Stones to create your own Crystal healing Bag, make sure to add me a note on your order specifying that you prefer the Calcite to be on the smaller size and I will do my best to pick the perfect crystal for you.


METAPHYSICAL: Please note that Calcite naturally occurs in different colors, as such aside from the general properties of Calcite, each color have it's own energy and benefits of use.


See the crystal guide to learn more about calcite in general and the specific colors.

Calcite Blue Rough Natural

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