DESCRIPTION: Here you have a 100% Natural Chrysocolla Tumbled stone. Beautiful colors,irregular shapes. 


SIZE: Each stone is of course different and unique as you can see in the images. They are approximately under an inch, please see image of me holding some in my hand to get a better idea of the size.


IMAGES: pictures shows me holding several pieces to better display the sizes. Price is for one (1) stone. Please let me pick one for you.


Chrysocolla can be a hard to find stone sometimes so if the store does not let you add this item to the shopping cart and only your wishlist, it means is sold out.


Chrysocolla is definitely one of my top crystals to have, not only for it's incredible beauty and mesmerizing colors but for it's metaphysical properties too.


Please click on the Crystal Guide to learn more about this amazing stone.

Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone Natural

SKU: chrysocolla-rtumbled