Rough Clear Quartz Crystals Lot


Weight: 50 grams per lot


Measuring: The sizes varies from very small about 1/2 inch to larger 3 inch long. The quantity per lot depends on the size/weight of the crystals. For example if you prefer to get smaller crystals the quantity per 50g will be more, likewise if you prefer larger crystals will be less quantity per lot. To give you a better idea, I took two pictures with a sample of the crystals included in a 50 grams lot depending on their size. As you can see the image with the smaller crystals on my hand contains a lot more than the image with the medium size in my hand containing 4 pieces.


I will be more than happy to accomodate your needs, just add a note to the order specifying that you prefer smaller crystals per lot and more quantity, or you prefer larger crystals which will be less quantity per lot.


I have all kind of sizes so if you want even larger crystals just contact me and I will be happy to send you sample images.


IMAGES: all images taken inside my home with my iPhone. These beautiful rough clear quartz crystals comes from Brazil and  they all are 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Clear Quartz Rough Crystals 50g Lot

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