Colorful 100% Cotton Medicine Bag


Beautiful colorful medicine bag to keep your crystals and stones. Very soft to the touch, made with 100% cotton material, each one is unique. Please let me pick one for you, if you have any preference in color add a message when you place your order letting me know at least 3 of your favorite colors and I will try to pick the best one for you depending on availability. The ones on the images are for reference only.


SIZE: This Indian Pouch measures about 4 x 3 inches


POUCH: The beautiful pouch is made out of 100% cotton. Handcrafted in Guatemala by artisans, each one is handmade and come in different colors. If you have preference for some colors, please let me know when you place your order so I can try to pick one that have some if not all the colors you like. if no note is included, I will intuitively choose one for you. This pouch measures 4 x 3 and it is very soft, making it feel wonderful when you hold it in your hand.


Price is for one (1) medicine bag.

Colorful Cotton Medicine Bag

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