DESCRIPTION: In this amazing shungite super healing kit, you will get a combination of a MUST to have Shungite products for you and your home. Included in this healing kit is the following items, please see below.



1- 3 Elite Noble Shungite Stones

2- 2 Black Shungite Tumbled Stones

3- 1 Shungite Pyramid

4- 2 oz bag of Rough Black Shungite Chips

5- 8 oz bag of Rough Black Shungite medium Size Stones

6- 2 cell phone plates 1 circular and 1 rectangular

7- 1 Shungite bracelet of your choice, you can choose between a bead and a nugget bracelet.


The cost of all of these items if purchased separately is $123.75 but if you purchase it in this kit you save $28.75


IMAGES: Please notice that the images represent a sample of the items you will receive with this kit. The images shows a shungite beads bracelet, you can choose a nugget bracelet instead if you want, just choose from the two choices.

MATERIAL: 100% Authentic Shungite from Russia


BRACELET: Stunning "one of a kind"  authentic Shungite Bracelet. You can choose the nugget or bead. The bracelets measure approximately 7.5" and made with a stretch elastic cord.


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Complete Shungite Healing Kit

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