Description: One of the questions I get asked the most is, what are the best Crystals and Stines for protection? So I decided to create this Crystals Healing Kit created using the BEST and most powerful Crystals and Stones for Protection. This kit comes with a Black Tourmaline Bracelet as well. 

Contains: Black Tourmaline Rough, Genuine Fire Agate, Black Obsidian, Malachite, Red Jasper, Fluorite, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Selenite, Chevron Amethyst, and Black Onyx.

Medicine Bag: The beautiful pouch is made out of 100% cotton. Handcrafted in Guatemala by artisans, each one is handmade and come in different colors. If you have preference for some colors, please let me know when you place your order so I can try to pick one that have some if not all the colors you like. if no note is included, I will intuitively choose one for you. This pouch measures 4 x 3 and it is very soft, making it feel wonderful when you hold it in your hand.

Bracelet: 100% Natural Black Tourmaline Bracelet. Made using elastic cord, one size fit most.


Images: Please note that the Crystals and Stones on the pictures are for display purposes only, since not two Crystals are ever the same, the ones you will receive may varies a little in color/shape from those on the images. Your satisfaction is always 100% guarantee so buy with confidence.

Important Read:  Pouches comes in a variety of different colors the one here is for display purposes only. The one you will receive maybe of different colors. If you have specific desire for some colors more than others, please add a note with your order letting me know at least 3 of your favorite colors, and I will make sure to choose the right pouch for you!

Please click on the Crystal Guide to learn m ore about the Properties Of the Crystals & Stones Used to make this Crystal Healing Kit.

Crystals For Protection The Essential Kit

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