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DESCRIPTION: Danburite Engagement Ring or Solitaire Ring. Stunning classy design.  



METAL: 925 Sterling Silver

GEMSTONE: 100% Natural Grade AAA Danburite.



RING BOX: Your ring will come inside a top quality black velvet ring box with gold trim.


IMPORTANT: Danburite is not a rare Crystal but it is not easy or abundant to find in Jewelry form, specially faceted pieces which are a lot more scarce. There is also fake Danburite (synthetic) Jewelry available online that is not real Danburite, and is not easy to identify, unless you know about Crystals and Gemstones and how to differentiate the difference, since this is a Crystal Clear Gemstone. So let me give you a tip.  If you look into the crystal carefully, you can see it always have some kind lines or strikes within the crystal. A masterful jeweler can highly polish the Crystal so it will have more shine and spark, but the inside of the Crystal will still have these identifiable lines/strikes. A polished Crystal or Zircon will not have them and it will look exactly the same inside than out, completely clear and "lifeless." This is the exact word that to me perfectly describes the feeling of having a Polished Clear Crystal than a genuine Danburite Gemstone. When you observe the Danburite closely, you can always notice "life" inside as I like to describe it. So look for those subtle lines/strikes within the crystal, as a way to identify the real Danburite from the fake ones out there.


Danburite is an Angel Crystal, making this ring even more special. Please check the crystal guide to learn more about Danburite.



Danburite Engagement Ring Size 6

SKU: danburite-engagement-ring
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