All my Shungite is top quality and 100% Genuine from Karelia Russia. Make sure to check the video at the bottom of the page, to learn how to easily test your Shungite for authenticity.


Elite Noble Shungite For Water Purification Size #4 XL:


DESCRIPTION: Authentic top quality ELITE NOBLE SHUNGITE from Russia. Elite Noble Shungite is also known as Silver Shungite and is the best Quality Shungite available to treat and make water. Please read the testimonials submitted by my customers, I'm one of the first persons to introduce Shungite to the USA and educate people about how to use Shungite to make water, for healing, for EMF protection. I have been importing Shungite from Karelia Russia for over 10 years now. If you are looking for a trusted source of Shungite in the USA, you are in the right place.


SIZE: The size of each piece is between 30-35 grams these are big size and TOP quality clear of any rust/ore Earth deposits. Other sizes available up to 100 grams per piece, see store for more.




NOTE: This listing is for the XL Elite Shungite stone. If you would like to purchase larger or smaller size pieces of Elite Noble Shungite please look on the website for the Large, the XL Elite Shungite or the Jumbo sizes, if you can't add any of these items to the shopping cart, that means they sold out, but you can always contact me to be put on my waiting list for when the next shipment from Russia arrives.


Also note that ELITE NOBLE SHUNGITE is different than other Shungite types, hence the difference in price. Please understand this when you purchase Elite Noble Shungite.  Learn more about the difference HERE


IMAGES: Please notice that the images represent a sample of the stones you will receive.


HOW TO PREPARE SHUNGITE WATER: Wash shungite stones by rubbing them with your hands under running water to remove any fine black powder, you can also use a soft toothbrush. Clean then under running water until there is no more black residue left in your hands. Then placed them in the container you are using to make water. Please make sure to watch this VIDEO to learn how to make water the right way. 


HOW MUCH ELITE SHUNGITE TO BUY: The recommended amount to be used (following Russia guidance) is to use 100 grams per one liter of water. Just try to remember this formula, 100 x 1 that is 100 grams per 1 litter.


Which Elite listing option to buy? it really depends on your preference. You can buy the small pieces on this listing at $6 per piece if you prefer smaller pieces but more quantity in your jar. Each piece is about 4-8 grams. You have other choices as well, the large Elite Shungite is about 10-15 grams per piece, the XL is about 15-20 grams per piece and the jumbo sizes can vary and be up to 100 grams per piece. Some people prefer larger pieces, so they may buy the XL and use only one piece for the entire jar of water they want to make. Most people buy the small pieces and they start with about 12-20 pieces depending on how much water they want to make. So if you want to make a jar using 1 Liter you will need about 100 grams of Elite Noble Shungite, and if you want to make a gallon of water, then you will need about 300 grams of Elite.

Now something important to understand is that the price of Elite Noble Shungite is not based on the weight/grams of the piece but the size as well. The amount of Elite available is getting less and less by the passing years, additionally Elite Noble Shungite is very fragile so when it's extracted is very easy to break. This is the reason why the larger the piece the more valuable, making it to be more costly. This is also why 10 pieces of the Elite at $6 per piece will be $60 and weight approximately 50-80 grams total, but a single piece of Elite shungite that weights 50-60 grams can cost over $100. I hope what I’m explaining here is clear to avoid any confusion, I’m just trying to provide you with the best information so you can move forward and know exactly what to buy;-)

Knowing this information what size of Elite Noble Shungite to buy is really a choice. It is really up to you and your preference, mine for example is a large piece. When I started using shungite and making my own water (before I even had a crystal business) I was using small pieces as it was more affordable to me. Years later I have been blessed with great connections with the people who extract the Shungite and also in a better financial position to be able to buy a much larger size of Elite. The one I have in my jar now is about 200 grams piece.

In conclusion, I always advice my customers to do what they can with what they have, and when it comes to making Shungite water something will always be better than none. So even if a person can only buy initially 5 small pieces, that will be always better than nothing and I still encourage people to try it, and then in the future they can always buy more little by little and just make the water more potent and better. But please never feel like you cannot benefit from the benefits of making Shungite water, only because maybe right now you cannot afford to buy 100 grams per litter. Remember do what you can with what you have, it will still help you and you will notice the difference in the water;-)


HOW TO MAINTAIN AND CARE FOR SHUNGITE: Shungite keeps almost indefinitely. There is no risk of getting negatively charged. However, in order to keep this preparation physically clean (avoiding accumulation of nitrates, chlorine, and so forth) we advice cleaning and purifying the stones in the sun every four to six months. If the water you use is heavily chlorinated or polluted, we recommend changing the stones every few  years. But if your shungite is real and top quality the stones should pretty much last you forever.


WHERE CAN I BUY A BIG JAR LIKE YOURS? To get yourself a larger glass container such as the one I have and show in the pictures, it can easily be found in Homegoods, Ross stores, wayfair, overstock, ebay or amazon. You can also google "lemonade jar with facet" and it will show you many available. Myself I drink from this large jarade everyday, then at night I add new water to it. This way the shungite is doing it's job during the entire night, so when I wake up is ready;-)


Please read more in detail HERE why Shungite is such an incredible mineral.




The more demand for shungite the more fake shungite you find on the market, this is why I created this video to educate people and show them how to test for shungite. Please watch it HERE


Elite Noble Shungite Extra Large Size #4

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