DESCRIPTION: I'm super excited to bring these nature jewels to you, I have personally handpicked each one of them. These are natural top quality Emeralds still on it's Matrix, natural, untouched, non treated. The Stone matrix has been carefully polished so they are excellent to use as palm stones as they feel very smooth to the touch. Within the rock Matrix visible large pieces of Emerald crystals. They are quite impressive in size and have an amazing energy within them. These are going to go fast so if you cannot add this listing to the cart, it means they sold out.


IMAGES: I took this images on the beach with natural light and also inside my photo studio with white light. What is in my hand is what it's available, picking and choose is not possible because by the time you do, the one you want may be sold. None less I welcome you to contact me and ask in case that you have a preference. You never know if by chance is still available-)


This listing is for one (1) Emerald crystal specimen, the ones in the picture are for display purposes only, the one you will receive may be different from those in the images. They are all incredible so don't worry you will love it.


When I took the pictures on the beach I also took a video so scroll down in case you want to take a look. it definitely display much better the Emeralds in all their beauty;-)


Also make sure to click on the crystal guide to learn more about Emeralds!



Emerald Rough Natural Large

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