DESCRIPTION: Beautiful 100% Natural and super top quality Rainbow Fluorite Grade AAA. These fantastic Fluorite rough chunky pieces comes in two sizes small and medium/large. This is top quality Fluorite multi-color with incredible color and energy that you can feel as soon as you hold it in your hand. 


IMAGES: All images taken with my Iphone in my photo studio. Please note that some images I took them with the Fluorite wet and others with some light behind to better show the color and transparency. The image that display them all together is how Fluroite looks normally, but the colors shows much better when the crystal is wet.


SIZE: Two sizes to choose from, small size and medium/large.


PRICE: Please note than the price is for one (1) Fluorite Crystal. Pick your desired size and I will handpick a beautiful piece for you. If you want one of each size, just add the first one to the cart and then come back to the listing to add a different size to the cart.


IMAGES: taken with my Iphone, no filter used or color altered. 100% natural Amazonite from Peru.


Please click on the crystal guide to learn more about Amazonite.

Fluorite Rainbow Blue Rough

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