DESCRIPTION: Russian Seraphinite Statement pendant, stunning design yet very classy. Genuine Seraphinite from Russia. This pendant comes with a 925 sterling silver chain, please make sure to add a note to your order if you prefer 16"-18"22" size. if no size entered in the comments I will send a random size.


METAL: set in authentic 925 sterling silver. 


SIZE: The Seraphinite stone on this pendant is approximately 2 inches. 


* Very Beautiful and Classy Design*

IMAGES: Taken inside my photo studio, no filter or photoshop used ever, I try to give you images that truly represent the piece you see in the pictures. Please note that color may varies due to different monitors or smartphone screen.


Seraphinite: Is one of the most powerful crystals as when used it has the ability to create a powerful detoxification process in the body. It has impressive healing attributes for both physical and emotional healing. It is excellent for accessing self-healing. Seraphinite promotes living from the heart. It cleanses the aura, strengthens, activates and balances all chakras. Causes old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away, thus creating space for new patterns of well-being to form. Seraphinite is one of the more powerful stones for the healing of the physical body. The energy of Seraphinite will also aid emotional healing, as you let go of old issues that are no longer what you desire for your life. By keeping a piece of this crystal on your body for as long as possible each day, this will have a strong benefit to bring healing on all levels. The energy of this lovely green crystal encourages you to live from the heart. This lovely green healing crystal is known to aid cellular regeneration... and may allow you to become aware of the diseases that are linked to issues from past lives. By aiding the decoding of the DNA it will help to bring about the decline of former systemic diseases.

Genuine Russian Seraphinite Pendant 925 Sterling Silver

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