Incredible Natural Golden Healer Quartz Cluster Crystals Specimens. 100% NATURAL AND GENUINE Golden Healer Quartz GOLDEN HEALER QUARTZ Cluster, from Mount Ida in Arkansas.

Powerful energy that you can feel as soon as you touch the crystals, truly amazing.


SIZE: these Golden Healer Quartz Crystals are irregular form/shape but I have classified them in two groups to make it easy to sell them without having to list them one by one. I have a group for small size and then other for larger size. See images of me holding some for better idea of the size, the ones I'm holding individually are the large sizes, the ones I'm holding in multiples in my hand are the smaller sizes.


COLOR: What makes these incredible crystals to have these deep golden colors you may ask? Well, this is due to the layers of iron oxide within the crystal. In particular, the colour of the iron oxide is yellow (rather than the usual red hematite quartz associated with iron).


NOTE: Please note that Golden Healer Quartz is very rare to find, specially in cluster specimens. These Golden Healers are 100% natural, NO treatment, or man manipulation at all. These comes directly from Mother earth to you, reason why you can see some crystal points not fully healed or terminated, meaning they're rough with it's natural "damage" from pulling them  from the earth. Some crystal points may appear to be broken but this is the way the NATURAL crystals are.


PRICE: Price is for one (1) Golden Healer Crystal, please choose the size of your choice and then I will pick a beautiful one for you.


METAPHYSICAL: Golden Healer Quartz is an immensely powerful healing crystal, as it provides access to the light of the Universal Life Force. Allowing the golden healing energy of the masters to manifest in the gem, Golden Healer Quartz attracts success, prosperity and abundance. Please click on the crystal guide to learn more about this amazing crystal.

Golden Healer Quartz Clusters Natural

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