DESCRIPTION: Grandidierite Engagement Ring or Solitaire Ring. Stunning classy design.  



METAL: 925 Sterling Silver

GEMSTONE: 100% Natural and Authentic Grandidierite Gemstone From Madagascar.



RING BOX: Your ring will come inside a top quality black velvet ring box with gold trim.


Grandidierite was named one of the 12 Most Expensive Gemstones In The World by Forbes, click here to see article. Grandidierite was also named "The Most Unusual Gems You’ve Never Heard Of" by The New York Times, click here to read more.

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IMPORTANT:Please do not confuse this Grandidiosite Ring, with the "Grandidiosite Zircon" that can be found online. Those are not real Grandidiesite Gemstone/Crystal but colored Zircon. Let me explain this a little more in detail because I think it is important for you to understand what you are buying and what is sold out there. In online markets you can see jewelry sold as "Grandidierite Zircon." This is how they advertise it, but that is not what they are selling. What they are selling is Colored "Zirconite" which is different than Zircon.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is one of the best-known, man-made diamond like created crystals. The difference here is that zircon is a naturally occurring mineral. Meaning this is a real mineral/crystal naturally created by Mother Earth. While Zirconia, even though it has been found in nature before, nowadays is a lab-created gemstone and is therefore, not natural and not considered a mineral.


Now that we know the difference between Zircon and Zirconite, let's add the Grandidiesite part. You can color a Zircon ( a real crystal) by heating it or irradiating it to create a color of a greenish hue. The Zirconite is lab created, already in the desired color. If you buy the Zircon choice, you will have a real crystal in a beautiful color. If you buy the Zirconite, you will have a man made "crystal" in a beautiful color. Neither one of these are real Grandidiesite Gemstone.


Another way for you to differentiate what you are buying, is the price. The "Grandidiesite Zircon" is sold more expensive than the "Grandidiesite Zirconite" because at least one of them is a real mineral/crystal, so it will be of more value, than the man made Zirconite. Again, none of these two available choices are real Grandidiesite Gemstone which will have a much higher value and price tag.



Grandidierite Engagement Solitaire Ring Size 7

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