Absolutely stunning beautiful green Malachite color medicine Buddha. Exquisite detail, hand carved and hand painted by artisans in Nepal. 


MATERIAL AND SIZE: Made out of resin and measuring approximately 4.5 tall by 3 wide. 


Beautiful to use in your altar, sacred space or simply to beautify any place you choose to place it in your home. For a beautiful peaceful home decor. 


IMAGES: All images taken with my iPhone, on the last image I'm holding it in my hand to better display it's size. Since each one is individually hand painted, they may slightly vary from the ones in the photo. 




MEDICINE BUDDHA SYMBOLISM: Gautam Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautam in India. The name “Siddhartha” means “he who achieves his aim”. His lifetime is placed around 420 BCE- 380BCE or 583 BCE – 463BCE. He founded Buddhism.  He is also known as “Shakyamuni” or the sage of Shakyas. He founded Buddhism and for the next 45 years preached in the Gangetic Plains (modern day Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and southern Nepal). Eventually, Buddhism spread to China, Japan, Sri Lanka and South East Asia. 


The main teachings of Buddha begin with the “The four noble truths”.


    1. suffering is an inherent part of existence
    2. the origin of suffering is ignorance 
    3. the main symptoms of that ignorance are attachment and craving; 
    4. that attachment and craving can be ceased by following the “Noble Eightfold Path”

The Noble Eightfold path is

    1. right understanding, 
    2. right thought, 
    3. right speech, 
    4. right action, 
    5. right livelihood, 
    6. right effort, 
    7. right mindfulness, and 
    8. right concentration


Green Malachite Gautam Buddha Statue Figurine

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