DESCRIPTION: 100 Natural Multiocolor Kunzite Crystals, these Kunzite crystals comes in an array of tones ranging from deep pink to almost clear to green. This listing is for four (4) Mixed Kunzite crystals, sizes/color may vary. Please see the images of me holding 4 Kunzite crystals to better give you an idea of what you will receive. Please note that since not two crystals are ever the same, the size and colors of the ones you will receive may varies a little from those shown on the images. 


SIZE: Mix sizes from tinny to small to medium, please see images to get a better idea of the size.


PRICE: price is for four (4) Mix Kunzite Crystals similar to the ones displayed on images.


IMAGES: There is an image of me holding many Kunzite crystals to better display sizes. Then there are two images of me holding four Kunzite Crystals, this is to show you what you will receive, four mix color/size Kunzite crystals.

KUNZITE: is an Angel Crystal and comes in many colors. Kunzite is a beautiful crystal, pure in energy and joyful in nature. Kunzite forms naturally as colorless, pink, lilac, yellow and green crystals. The yellow-green to emerald variety is known as Hiddenite, or Green Kunzite. The colorless to light yellow variety is known as Triphane, or Spodumene. Kunzite opens the heart to the energies of love - love of self, of others, for humanity, plants, animals, the earth and all it contains. By embracing all other types of love, one is open to receive Divine Love and to recognize the essence of the Divine in us. This receptivity allows the love and gifts of the Divine to flow through one's heart and life in infinite abundance. It helps one move through the day with kindness, gentleness and serenity. Meditating with Kunzite opens the heart to profound experiences of Universal Love. It is the stone that most closely matches the frequency of oneness with the Divine, and in working with Kunzite there is a tendency to move into resonance with that energy.

Kunzite sets up a protective layer around your aura to keep negative or inappropriate energy out, so it is a very good stone to wear or carry. It can also remove obstacles from your path and dispels negativity. It works well for meditation, providing centering and deeper states.

Kunzite Crystals Multicolor Rough Natural

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