PRICE: The price for the Opals range between $35 to $150 depending on the Opal.


HOW TO BUY: if you are interested in getting an Opal just choose your price and I will handpick a beautiful Fire Opal for you. If you see anyone that caught your eye on the video below, please contact me at or use the contact me form on the website to see if that particular one is available. if it is not available any more, we can talk and find the perfect Opal for you.


WHY THE PRICE SAYS $35?: As mentioned above the price range is between $35 to $150 so just pick your price choice, or contact me if so we can pick the perfect one for you.


UPDATE: The Opals in price range $85-$150 are SOLD OUT


Dear customers here is a quick video showing some of the many Fire Opals I got from Mexico.


Now please remember that these Opals are very difficult to photograph or even film in video without the proper light. I do not have the proper professional light or even better yet the natural sunlight. They true beauty is hardly visible on the video, but you know me and if I'm telling you these are stunning Opals, you know they will.


Speaking for myself, the thing I love the most about Fire Opals is not just their incredible beauty but their powerful, metaphysical properties. This is the reason why I love the Rough Canteras I got from Mexico as well, as those are completely rough and untouched by man, from the Earth to you, with all they fire and powerful energy and properties. They both, the rough Canteral (Mother Matrix Stone) or the polished ones, they contain the universe within themselves and the most purest light available within the crystal kingdom.


Some people want them just for their beauty, others just for their metaphysical properties regardless of the "look” if one want to work or have an Fire Opal, the most important part of having this powerful stone/crystal is to make sure it is real and authentic, knowing that the online market is filled with fakes and synthetic ones created in a lab. So here you have a sample of some of the Opals I got from Mexico this week. I handpicked every single one of them myself. Let me know what you think and if any one caught your eye.


Fire Opals are unique stones in the Opal world. Like lightning in a rainbow, it flashes its brilliance with even the slightest movement and claims notice by all who witness its phenomenal “fire.” This is a stone so dedicated to the eye, so pleasing to the sight, it inspires love and hope, innocence and purity, luck and happiness. 


Mexican Fire Opals Polished Cantera Cabochon

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