Purple Muzquiz Fluorite Cubic Crystals Specimen


DESCRIPTION: Beautiful 100% Natural and top quality Purple Muzquiz Fluorite with Cubic Crystals from Mexico.  This particular type of Fluorite is found on Mexico and it is truly fascinating, it's Crystals form in cubic form creating unique and spectacular Crystals. The color is quite deep purple but once you place it to the light you can see the ligh pass through creating the incredibly bright purple colors you can see on the imgages.


IMAGES: All images taken with my Iphone in my photo studio. Please note the difference in color when I'm holding it on my hand and when you place the crystal near light or to the sunligh.


SIZE: This beautiful Crystal measures approximately 165 grams and is about 3 x 2.5 inches


Please click on the crystal guide to learn more about Fluorite.

Purple Muzquiz Fluorite Cubic Crystals Specimen

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