Description: Rose Quartz Facial Roller Massager. Top Quality 100% Natural Rose Quartz and Copper.


Benefits: The Rose Quartz Facial Roller is an incredible tool for inner and outer beauty. Facial rolling is relaxing and de-stressing. It’s been a beauty ritual since ancient times in China, dating all the way back to the 7th century. Physically, it helps to firm the look of skin through gentle massage. It also aids in supporting the lymphatic system, the body’s main major detoxification system. This Rose Quartz Facial Massage roller has two ends, one is smaller then the other. There is a very specific  reason why it was designed like that. The larger round end is used to massage larger areas of the face and neck, and the smaller circle is perfect for acupressure points. Massaging your face multiple times a week with this Rose Quartz Massage Roller can smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, help with swelling, under eye puffiness and reduce other signs of aging. You’ll be rejuvenating your skin with energy of the rose quartz acting as a natural face-lift.



+ Increases elasticity of skin

+ Reduces appearance of pores

+ Boosts overall collagen levels

+ Promotes lymphatic drainage

+ Eliminates toxins

+ Reduces puffiness & wrinkles

+ Creates Luminous Glow 

+ Helps tighten skin, making it appear more youthful

+ Increase circulation and blood flow to the face



1) Roll by starting at the center of the face moving toward hairline in gentle strokes. 

2) Start at the chin and move toward the ears. 

3) Next, roll on the forehead from center to the hairline. 

4) Use the smaller side for under and around the eyes. To end, gently roll down the sides of the neck toward the collarbone.


WHY USE ROSE QUARTZ FOR THE SKIN:  Rose quartz heals rashes, skin disorder, reduces wrinkles, and improves skin tone, not to mention all that loving energy of this crystal used on your skin! Pure love therapy to your skin;-) 


Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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