SIZE: approximately 1-2 inches each piece, more or less a walnut size. See image of me holding some in my hand.


These Rough Pink Tourmaline Crystals growing in the Quartz matrix may be smaller specimens but are not only top quality Pink Tourmaline, but have an amazing loving energy! Pink Tourmaline is not only an amazing heart chakra crystal and a very loving energy, but did you know that there is more Lithium in the pink Tourmalines than there is in Lepidolite? so these crystals are ultra-soothing and can help you to release stress and make you feel more calm and relaxed at the same time.


THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE (1) PIECE. Please let me pick a beautiful one for you!


IMAGES: All pictures taken inside my home with my iphone. The pictures do not make justice of how incredibly beautiful these little loving crystals are, you will love it, guarantee!!


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Rough Pink Tourmaline on Quartz Matrix

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